How Can We Take Care of Water?

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  2. We can take care of our water supply by not wasting it--ever!
    Since you know that you and your family use water in many ways, how would you make certain that your family uses water wisely? Here are few ways to help you get started:


    • When your family washes clothes, be sure that the washer has a full load.
    • When your family washes dishes, be sure that there is a full load in the dishwasher, or fill the sink with water to wash the dishes, then refill the sink to rinse them.
    • Take shorter showers.... and get a special shower head that uses less water.
    • Take shallow baths. You don't need to fill the tub to the brim to get clean.
    • Shut off the water when you are brushing your teeth and washing your hands. Just run it long enough to wet your toothbrush or your hands, and then shut it off until you need to rinse.
    • Keep a jug of water in the refrigerator so that you don't need to let the water run down the drain while it cools for a drink.
    • Find out how the landscape is watered at your house, and how can it be done with less water.
    • Tell your parents or teacher if some faucet is leaking at home or at school. Explain to them that the water that is dripping is costing them money!
    • Don't use your toilet as a wastepaper basket. It has its purpose, and use it for that only.
    • If you run water waiting for it to get hotter or colder, don't let it go down the drain. Save it in a bucket to use later to water plants.
    • Always, always shut off the faucet when you are finished using the water.


  3. By keeping water as clean as possible


    • Don't put anything in streams, lakes, and rivers that should not be there.
    • Don't pour chemicals down the drain or on the ground.
    • Don't pour chemicals down the storm sewer.
    • Use soaps and detergents carefully.