Day 4: Explore Phoenix Water ResourcesDay 4: Explore Phoenix Water ResourcesPhoenix has diverse water sources. Learn where this water comes from using a video, interactive, and maps.<div class="ExternalClassE5C3703DC05A4A9388A30E732D064455"><ol><li><span style="line-height:1.6;font-size:13px;"><a href="">​Watch a brief video about Phoenix's water sources.</a></span><br></li><li><a href="/waterservices/resourcesconservation/water-efficiency#%21SourcesArea">Explore an online interactive featuring Phoenix water sources</a>.</li><li><a href="">Learn about the history of the Salt and Verde River System from the Salt River Project.</a> Arizona history is a story about people managing water in a water-scarce environment.</li></ol></div> 7:00:00 AM