Downtown Phoenix

The evolution of Downtown Phoenix over the last five years has been significant, with more than $4 billion invested in office space, retail, restaurants, educational facilities, convention space and hotel rooms. Today's Downtown Phoenix boasts the highest concentration of employment in Arizona, offering impressive urban amenities including living, shopping, arts, and entertainment. The dramatic growth is providing a surge in momentum for even more development.

Just the Facts

1.7 square mile redevelopment area investment 2005-2014: $4.7 billion

Residential Population - 1 mile: 16,242 ; 2 mile: 49,677 ; 3 mile: 95,543

Daytime Employment Population - 1 mile: 66,609 ; 2 mile: 116,800 ; 3 mile: 178,282


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Developing in Downtown

  • The Community and Economic Development Department manages the disposition and redevelopment of city-owned land, based on priorities set by the City Council and the strategic downtown vision.            
  • The disposition of land is administered through a competitive Request For Proposals (RFP) process, where sealed proposals are submitted to and evaluated by a panel of city staff, neighborhood leaders, and representatives from the private sector.
  • The panel utilizes consensus methodology to select the proposal that represents the highest and best use for the property based on criteria specifically approved by the City Council. CEDD staff then works with the successful proposer to negotiate a set of terms outlined through a Letter of Intent (LOI). The City Council has ultimate authority and, if they approve of the LOI, may authorize CEDD staff to enter into a disposition and development agreement.
  • CEDD also invites sealed proposals for development on privately-owned land through the annual Downtown RFP.  The Downtown RFP streamlines the request for, and evaluation of, City assistance for realistic, buildable and appropriate urban and mixed-use development and redevelopment by the private sector. Proposals are evaluated by a panel and require approval by the City Council.

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For more information, and to speak with the Community Development division, please call 602-262-5040.