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What is PHX At Your Service?

PHX At Your Service is an online reporting and request tool. This tool can be used on desktop computers, tablets and smart phones, and offers an easy-to-navigate button design to submit reports and requests. The system includes a ticket system with unique online user accounts. In May 2017, Phase 1 launched with 13 issues types to report through the Portal. Phase 2 launched in Jan. 2018 and added the most popular requests for the Water and Public Works Departments, including Start or Stop Water Service, and Trash & Recycling Containers. The entire project furthers the city’s goal of creating a modern, centralized one-stop reporting system.

What's the difference between "Service Requests: Submit & Track" and "Submit Other Service Requests"?

"Service Requests: Submit & Track" features red buttons with ticketing and tracking ability. The "Submit Other Service Requests" category includes blue buttons to eforms that are not yet trackable in the system. Service Information includes green buttons that lead to information-only pages.

How do I add a PHX At Your Service shortcut to my mobile device?

You can add an App-like shortcut on your mobile device to easily launch PHX At Your Service. See iPhone Shortcut Instructions or See Android Shortcut Instructions.


Do I have to create an account?

We recommend users create an account so they can get status updates about their request(s). Select issues can be reported anonymously, however to report select issues anonymously, you have to call. To register an account, visit the Register a new Account page.

Why should I link a social media account?

For convenience, you may link a third-party account (like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, or Microsoft) to your PHX At Your Service account so you don't have to remember another username and password. PHX At Your Service will not share information or make posts on your linked account.  Users will still have to manually set-up their PHX At Your Service profile details (name, address, phone number). If you choose to link a third-party account, but later need help retrieving or resetting your password, you will have contact the third-party directly for assistance. PHX At Your Service can not provide technical assistance or password recovery help for any third party accounts.

Password creation tips.

To be an effective, passwords must be at least 8 characters. Passwords must contain characters from at least three of the following four classes: uppercase (A-Z), lowercase (a-z), numbers (0-9), and special character (!, @, #). However, you can't use these restricted special characters (?, %, or *).

Password recovery help.

Only self-help is available to recover your account password. Enter the email address you used to create your account and follow the online instructions to reset your PHX At Your Service account password. Visit the Forgot Your Password page to begin

Can I still submit issues using the MyPhxAZ App?

Sorry, no. The MyPhxAZ App has been discontinued. There is no way for the City to remove the App from users’ devices if they previously had installed it, however the App does NOT submit reports or requests. Users should remove the app and install the app-like shortcut for the new PHX At Your Service system. Users have to Register a new Account

See also: PHX At Your Service Technical Requirements page

iPhone Shortcut

iPhone Shortcut Instructions: STEP 1: Visit Phoenix.gov/AtYourService. STEP 2: Pop-up window explains steps to follow.STEP 3: Press “arrow up” icon, then Add to Home Screen. Done! It’s an easy way to return to the page.

Android Shortcut

Android Shortcut instructions: STEP 1: Visit Phoenix.gov/AtYourService. STEP 2: Pop-up window explains press triple period. STEP 3: Choose Add to Home Screen, then Add. Done! It’s an easy way to return to the page.