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2018 Impact Volunteer Awards128682htmlEvery year the city of Phoenix recognizes the contributions of volunteers at the Impact Volunteer Awards. This year 28 volunteers from every city council district were recognized for their efforts in support of many city of Phoenix departments. From the Aviation department to Parks and Recreation these volunteers provide countless hours of their own time to help make Phoenix a better place to live and work.6/20/2018 1:35:36 AMcity of Phoenix recognizes the contributions of volunteers at the Impact Volunteer Awards This year 28 volunteers from every city council district were recognized for their efforts 4https://www.phoenix.gov/phx11site/MediaAssets/Forms/Thumbnails.aspx4True10;1610~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_Video.js
Volunteer Program Meet the AmeriCorps alumni now employed by the City of Phoenix146335htmlaspx6/22/2018 4:53:49 PMVolunteer Home Page34535197False1616~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_WebPage.js
Volunteer Program Age Friendly Volunteer Initiative120808htmlaspx6/22/2018 4:53:49 PMCity of Phoenix > Volunteer > Age Friendly Volunteer21875143False1616~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_WebPage.js
Parks and Recreation Volunteer Opportunities132127htmlaspx6/22/2018 4:53:49 PMPueblo Grande Museum Archaeological Park > Support Pueblo Grande Museum > Volunteer1250561False1616~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_WebPage.js
Volunteer Program Spotlight120835htmlaspx6/22/2018 4:53:49 PMTo become a volunteer, people must go through 20 hours of free training and pass a Many of the volunteers in the program are returning and have been working it for many 1442050False1616~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_WebPage.js
Human Services Senior Center Volunteer144017htmlaspx6/22/2018 4:53:49 PMVolunteers play an integral role at Senior Centers by assisting with activities, the lunch Over 800 volunteers contribute an average of 200,000 hours annually at the 15 locations 401928False1616~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_WebPage.js
Human Services Volunteer Programs123817htmlaspx6/22/2018 4:53:49 PMVolunteers are a core component of many Human Services Department programs and the To see a complete listing for the city, visit the Volunteer Today web page 2008191False1616~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_WebPage.js
Parks and Recreation Volunteer Opportunities146223htmlaspx6/22/2018 4:53:49 PM32409199False1616~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_WebPage.js
Police Where do COPS Volunteers Serve?138295htmlaspx6/22/2018 4:53:49 PMCity of Phoenix > Police > Neighborhood Resources > Volunteer > Testimonials Ballistics Child Crimes Crisis Outreach Volunteers (COV) TEAM 601 : Missing Person 522988False1616~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_WebPage.js
Volunteer Program Resilient PHX120830htmlaspx6/22/2018 4:53:49 PMCity of Phoenix > Volunteer > Resilient PHX3825174False1616~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_WebPage.js
Volunteer Program AmeriCorps Opportunities120815htmlaspx6/22/2018 4:53:49 PMCity of Phoenix > Volunteer > AmeriCorps Opportunities4260205False1616~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_WebPage.js
Volunteer Program Latest News146450htmlaspx6/22/2018 4:53:49 PMCity of Phoenix > Volunteer > Latest News 5131110False1616~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_WebPage.js
Fire Volunteers146194htmlaspx6/22/2018 4:53:49 PMCity of Phoenix > Fire > Volunteers The Phoenix Fire Department is proud to have volunteer programs Each program has specific requirements, please see the following for more 23808286False1616~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_WebPage.js
City Council District 6 Volunteer in District 6111354htmlaspx6/22/2018 4:53:49 PMCity of Phoenix > District 6 > Volunteer Volunteer Opportunities The city of Phoenix website hosts the Volunteer Today site with outreach information from 2117230False1616~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_WebPage.js
Volunteer Program Volunteer Projects and Successes120822htmlaspx6/22/2018 4:53:49 PMCity of Phoenix > Volunteer > Projects Below are two examples of recent volunteer projects made possible through a Cities of Service grant and our amazing volunteers 1336556False1616~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_WebPage.js
Volunteer Program Volunteer with CERT146336htmlaspx6/22/2018 4:53:49 PMCity of Phoenix > Volunteer > CERTS The Phoenix Community Emergency Response Team (CERT1170844False1616~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_WebPage.js
Neighborhood Services Volunteer with NSD124048htmlaspx6/22/2018 4:53:49 PMFrom training Blight Buster volunteers to remove graffiti, to helping residents in need through our Volunteer Assistance Program - we do it all in an We invite you to take action 1091386False1616~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_WebPage.js
Neighborhood Services Blight Buster Volunteer Program124353htmlaspx6/22/2018 4:53:49 PMinterested in serving as Blight Buster Volunteers will be provided with the training and to report illegal signs, remove graffiti and to be a volunteer to help out on big projects 20747203False1616~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_WebPage.js
Human Services Homeless Help - Volunteers134680htmlaspx6/22/2018 4:53:49 PMCity of Phoenix > Homeless-Help---Volunteers 70852False1616~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_WebPage.js
Human Services VITA / Tax Preparation127538htmlaspx6/22/2018 4:53:49 PMVolunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) volunteers prepare and e-file tax returns for Program was assisted by ​259 volunteers donating  10,327 hours of service representing 1950689False1616~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_WebPage.js
Office of Emergency Management State, County & Local Links131637htmlaspx6/22/2018 4:53:49 PMResponse Team (CERT) program helps train volunteers to be better prepared to respond to Volunteer for non-profit organizations such as the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army 863737False1616~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_WebPage.js
Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture Public Art Resources146519htmlaspx6/22/2018 4:53:49 PMArizona Commission on the Arts www.azarts.gov/ Volunteer Legal Assistance for Artists www.artsadvocacy.org/ Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts www.vlany.org/ 583222False1616~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_WebPage.js
City of Phoenix Community Involvement120103htmlaspx6/22/2018 4:53:49 PMThe city is fortunate to have many volunteers dedicated to serving the community want to find out all available volunteer opportunities in city government, you’ve come to 29672117False1616~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_WebPage.js
Police ACE/MAP138280htmlaspx6/22/2018 4:53:49 PMACE volunteers will not engage in any activities that would place them in the role of a The Motorist Assist aide is a volunteer who has committed to serve a minimum of four hours 787147False1616~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_WebPage.js
Arizona Republic Volunteer Hours132307pdfpdf1/5/2015 8:08:37 AMlike to become a member of Volunteer Phoenix, visit our website, phoenix.gov/volunteer, and check out all the great https://www.phoenix.gov/citymanagersite/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspxFalse1515~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_PDF.js