Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance Program

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The Phoenix Fire Code requires that all fire protection systems be inspected and tested by a contractor licensed by the State of Arizona who is a current qualified contractor approved by the Phoenix Fire Department to work on that particular fire protection system. It shall be the responsibility of the system owner to ensure that these requirements are met. 

Fire protection systems normally operate in standby mode and become active in emergency conditions. Failures are not always detected until the system is operated. Regular testing is intended to verify the operational condition of the equipment.

A system is only as effective as the ITM (Inspection, Testing and Maintenance) program that is used to keep it running once a building is occupied.

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The Phoenix Fire Department was receiving 3rd Party ITM reports via postal mail or email from contractors. These paper-based reports required many fire department staff hours sorting and reviewing each report and then responding appropriately. 

On December 1, 2019 the Phoenix Fire Department partnered with Brycer LLC (Ordinance G-46120) to provide an Internet-based tool that allows the Phoenix Fire Department to track and drive inspection and testing code compliance, reduce false alarm activity, and provide a safer community for our residents. This tool, The Compliance Engine, has proven to increase the number of fire protection systems being testing and repaired by as much as 72% in jurisdictions utilizing it*.  



The ITM Section of Phoenix Fire Prevention was established to provide seamless customer service to both 3rd Party ITM Contractors and the premises representatives of locations where Fire Life Safety Systems exist.  Once the 3rd Party Inspection Report is submitted into The Compliance Engine a Fire Inspection Staff member is assigned to review the report, make contact with the Premises Responsible Party (RP), and maintain oversite of their assignment ensuring established compliance timelines are being met and streamlining customer service.  Part of this service includes the implementation of the Fire Inspection Testing and Maintenance (FITM) Permit.  The assigned inspector will provide the Premises Responsible Party the application for the FITM Permit when applicable or advise them of the need to obtain permits from the Planning and Development Department as needed.  The RP is responsible for advising the 3rd Party Contractor making the repairs that an FITM permit is required.

It is recommended that 3rd Party ITM contractor ask their client if the work being bid is due to the result of a Fire Life Safety System deficiency or a Fire Inspection conducted by the Phoenix Fire Department.  


The FITM Permit includes both Over-the-Counter (OTC) and full plan submittals.  Parameters of the FITM include the modification of permitted non-compliant systems and exigent repairs and restoration of Fire Life Safety Systems identified as deficient or non-compliant through, but not limited to, the course of a Fire Inspection conducted by Phoenix Fire Prevention,  via 3rd Party ITM inspections submitted to The Compliance Engine, and  monitoring disconnection notices.

The FITM permit is obtained from the Phoenix Fire Department located at 150 S. 12th St, Phoenix, AZ 85034.  Applications for the FITM permit can be emailed, faxed, or submitted in Person.  The fees for the FITM permit and inspections are established by the Fire Prevention Fee Schedule


The Fire Inspector will conducted their site inspection, advise the Responsible Person (RP) of non-compliant conditions requiring permits, and advise which permit(s) are required to be obtained for corrective action.  Permits must be obtained from the Department the customer was instructed to obtain them from.  Failure to obtain the correct permit will result in the contractor needing to re-apply for permits from the Department in which the RP was originally advised.  

For questions regarding ITM inspections and permits please contact Phoenix Fire Department at

For questions regarding The Compliance Engine please contact our compliance program partner BRYCER LLC at 630-413-9511 or via email at