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The phoenix.gov website is designed to allow users to control the size of fonts directly from their browsers. This ensures that everyone, including people with vision issues or disabilities, can fully enjoy the site. In the vast majority of browsers, the font will default automatically to your browser's specified font settings.You may enlarge or reduce the font via your browser's preference settings. In Internet Explorer, the default text size is "medium." Click your browser's Help button for more information on how to control your font sizes.

Slow Response Time 

The city's website is designed to provide reasonable user response at all times. Due to the high demands on the phoenix.gov site, the explosive growth that the Internet is experiencing on a constant basis, and technical difficulties that occur on the Internet from time to time, phoenix.gov response time can vary greatly throughout the day. We strive to provide the public with at least 24-hours advance notice on specific pages that will be down for maintenance or intermittently unavailable. Watch for these messages on the pages you are visiting for maintenance updates that may affect your access to the site.

If you are able to connect with other Internet sites without problem, but are having problems with only the phoenix.gov site, contact us at contactus@phoenix.gov. If you are experiencing problems with the majority of Web sites, please contact your Internet Service Provider. 

If you need technical assistance with paying your municipal services (aka water) bill online, please call 602-262-6251, 8 to 5 a.m., Monday through Friday, for customer services.

About our navigation 

We have designed this site so that you can easily and quickly (fewest clicks possible) find the information you are looking for, from our home page. 

There are a number of special ways to locate that information. Our main navigation paths begin with menu topics from our home page. 

They are: 

  • Residents - Help for Phoenix citizens, including links for streets, garbage collection, water services, volunteering at the city and more. 
  • Businesses - Help for businesses, large and small. Find information about permits, licenses, taxes, city programs and partnerships, and doing business with the city. 
  • Visitors and Newcomers - Considering a visit or move to Phoenix? Get information here about things to see and do or relocating to the city. 
  • Public Safety - Information that can be found in this content area includes crime prevention, fire safety and disaster preparedness.
  • Transportation - Get the latest information here about Metro Light Rail, bus routes, airport parking and street closures. 
  • Culture and Recreation - Find information about recreational activities spanning from art studios, museums and theaters to hiking in the Phoenix mountain and desert preserves. 
  • City Government – Here you can find out who your elected City Council representative is or look up a public meeting times and agendas. Additionally, you can also get city budget and stimulus project information and look up public records. 
  • Employment – Stay up to date with the current city job listings or learn more about working for the city. You can also find out how to securely submit job applications online. 
  • Environment and Sustainability - Find information about how the city of Phoenix is committed to protecting the environment and providing a sustainable future for the city residents.

 Additional links on the home page include:

  • Report It -  Report potholes, blight, broken streetlights, water issues, liquor violations, and more.
  • Map It - Find the location of everything from pools, to libraries, to parks, to community centers, transit services, and more.
  • Pay It – Before you pick up the telephone or drive downtown to Phoenix City Hall, look here first to see if you can do it online such as paying your municipal services (water) bill or a parking ticket, reporting a street maintenance problem or applying for a building permit.
  • Request City Service - Start or stop water service, schedule a building inspection, get resident permit parking, or schedule a service.
  • Find Public Records - From meeting minutes, City Council agendas, to the City Charter and City Code, this is the place to start your search.


 About Security 

On phoenix.gov, security is a high priority. We use state-of-the-art software and technologies to prevent unauthorized access. Because of that, your browser must have the correct level of encryption required to access the secured areas of phoenix.gov. Learn more via this link to the city's security and privacy information

About Privacy 

The city of Phoenix is committed to protecting online users’ privacy. We believe that protection of personal privacy on the Internet is our responsibility, to assure citizen confidence, increase participation in online activities and support effective delivery of services. At phoenix.gov, we intend to give you as much control as possible over your personal information. Learn more via this link to the city's security and privacy information

Feedback Site Comments 

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If you need technical assistance with paying your municipal services (aka water) bill online, please call 602-262-6251, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, for customer services.