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Alleys in Phoenix currently serve as access points for utility companies and solid waste services. However, through the years, some alleys have been the sight for criminal activities, such as illegal dumping and trespassing. In 2022, after a successful pilot program, City Council approved the gated Alley Program as a permanent city function, with an allocated budget from the City's general funds, to help deter crime and blight in neighborhoods. The program is a resident-driven process that requires an alley captain and trhe consent of property owners whose properties are adjacent to the alley to be gated. 

​If you'd like information about the GAP to share with your neighbors, please download the printable flyers below, in English and Spanish, with a QR code.

GAP flyer ENG.png    GAP flyer SPN.png

​​ ​

​How to Submit a Gated Alley Request



​​Work with your neighborhood leader to serve as a point of contact to communicate with all the property owners and tenants located along the alley.

  • ​You can find your neighborhood organization and leader here​

  • If you'd like to form a neighborhood organization, contact your Neighborhood Specialist​.

  • If you do not wish to form or connect with a neighborhood organization, but want to gate your alley, contact the Gated Alley Program at 602-534-0742 or gatedalley@phoenix.gov.

Complete the fillable Gated Alley Program request form online, save the completed form and email it to us.

Submit the completed Gated Alley Program request form and petition to gatedalley@phoenix.gov.​​

Program Eligibility

If Your Alley Qualifies

A Gated Alley Program representative will verify your information and notify you to collect signatures from your neighboring property owners if your alley qualifies. You will then need to submit a petition with signatures of support from 50​% + 1 of the owners of properties along both sides of the alley. 

  • Renters cannot sign the petition, only the property owner. 

  • If​ you're not sure who owns the property, you can find out by searching the address on the Maricopa County Assessor's website​. ​

How to Use the County Assessor's Website​



​​​If a property owner is hard to locate, speaks a different language, or you are uncomfortable reaching out, contact the Gated Alley Program for assistance.

Download and complete the Gated Alley Program Petition.

Submit the completed Gated Alley Program Petition to gatedalley@phoenix.gov.

​​​What to Expect

​​Once all of your documents are submitted and you've received notification that your alley is approved to be gated, the next phase is the installation process. The installation process involves many steps and the completion time varies depending on the project. ​Staff will be available to assist you throughout the process.​

Privately-Funded Gates

For information on installing a privately-funded gate, contact gatedalley@phoenix.gov​

If you are privately funding a gate, share the Gate Installation Specifications and Requirements with your contractor.

Alley Maintenance

For information on alley maintenance contact the Public Works Department at 602-262-6251 or solid.waste@phoenix.gov​.

If you need more information e-mail gatedalley@phoenix.gov.  If you do not have internet or computer access and are interested in learning more, you may contact the GAP Phone line at 602-534-0742.​

To submit Request Forms and other communication by mail:

City of Phoenix

Neighborhood Services Department

Attn:  Gated Alley Program

200 W. Washington

4th Floor

Phoenix, AZ 85003​

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