​Please note the PHX Pay Online portal is launching on Monday, April 3 2017. For any problems during our launch please call (602) 262-6251 or submit​​ this form.

Terms of Service (TOS)

Customers of PHX Pay Online City Services agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Customers are responsible for:
    • Managing online account access including granting and revoking access
    • Securing account login information used to access PHX Pay Online
    • Logging Out of PHX Pay Online when finished with online business
      • Customers must click "Logout" link at top right to ensure session termination
  • Customers are responsible for any account changes made online including:
    • Account changes made by account holder
    • Account changes made by individuals to whom they have granted access
  • Customers who authorize automatic payments (AutoPay)
    • Must also be the authorized signer on the checking or savings account and I will update my Account information if it changes by contacting City of Phoenix.
    • Authorization for AutoPay can be cancelled at any time by contacting PHX Customer Service or un-enroll from AutoPay at payonline.phoenix.gov in such time and manner so as to afford City of Phoenix a reasonable opportunity (typically three business days) to act on the request.
    •  This Authorization will remain in effect until it is canceled, terminated or I close my City Services account.
  • Customers online payments are subject to the following terms and conditions:
    • Payments against their account(s) are the responsibility of the account holder
    • Payments made must use a credit card the account holder is authorized to use
    • Payments are processed through a third-party vendor
    • Payment processing is subject to credit card holders credit card company and not controlled by the City of Phoenix
    • Payment credit card information is not captured or stored by the City of Phoenix
    • If payment is received from an unauthorized source:
      • Payment will be reversed