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 What to know?

​The City of Phoenix licenses and regulates the Pedicab Industry through the Phoenix Police Department.  "Pedicab" means either a bicycle or a motorized electric or gas powered bicycle or tricycle that transports or is held out to the public as available to transport passengers for hire, including a bicycle or a motorized electric or gas powered bicycle or tricycle that pulls, or to which is attached, a trailer, sidecar, or similar device. Bicycle-trailer pedicabs are considered (1) unit and cannot be interchanged. Replacing the bicycle or trailer portion of a pedicab without applying for a new pedicab tag is punishable as a class one misdemeanor.  P.C.C.  Sec. 23-132. The Pedicabs Ordinance is Chapter 23 of the Municipal Code of Phoenix

1.    What you will need

  • ​Proof of Insurance – must be emailed to directly from the insurance agent
  • The operator of a pedicab shall maintain at all times an owner's or operator's policy of liability insurance in the amount of at least one million dollars. The insurance company issuing the policy shall be authorized to issue commercial liability policies in this State by the Arizona State Department of Insurance as per Sec. 23-130. of the city code

  • Pedicab Operators must have a valid driver license issued by the State of Arizona or any other state.

  • Each pedicab vehicle operating in the City of Phoenix must be issued an inspection tag.  

  • A pedicab inspection tag is obtained by the owner of the pedicab vehicle and authorizes the pedicab vehicle to operate in the City of Phoenix.  

  • A pedicab inspection tag must be obtained before operating a pedicab in the City of Phoenix.  

​2.    Apply for the following

Pedicab Tag Applicatio​n

Pedicab Payment Fo​rm

Pedicab Inspection Checklis​t​

3.    Submit your applications and forms

Email your completed applications, forms and required documents to

4.    We'll get back to you

​We'll review your applications and let you know if you're approved or if corrections are needed.

​5.    Make a payment for the license

Payment must be made first to the payment center, you will need the receipt of payment for the inspection.

All payments will be made at:

City of Phoenix Payment Center

305 West Washington Street

Phoenix, Az 85003


​6.    Get a pedicab inspection

We will conduct a mechanic pedicab inspection to make sure the equipment is safe to operate. Once the inspection is completed, a pedicab tag will be issued.

All pedicab inspections will be start at:

Phoenix City Hall

200 West Washington Street

Phoenix, Az 85003​