​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Phoenix Police Department encourages residents and stakeholders to learn about activities they can participate in as volunteers.  Click on the name of each opportunity to learn how it supports our mission and commitment to inclusion and transparency.​​​

Disciplinary Re​view Board (DRB)​

The purpose of the DRB is to make recommendations to the Police Chief for the appropriate level of discipline for sustained violations of City or Police Department policies.​

Com​munity Hiring Review Board (CHRB)

The purpose of the CHRB is to enhance the transparency of the Police Officer hiring process, while fostering community input on the future of the Phoenix Police Department by administering the Community Interview during the Police Recruit and Lateral Police Officer hiring process.​

Police Chief's Advisory Boards

The purpose of the Police Chief's Advisory Boards is to generate unity within our community and the Phoenix Police Department​

Critical Inciden​t Review Board (CIRB)​

​The purpose of the Critical Incident Review Board is to review officer involved shooting, use of force incidents resulting in serious injury or death, and in custody death incidents, to determine and recommend to the Police Chief whether the actions of a police officer were appropriate or if they violated any Police Department policies or orders.​

Commu​nity Policy Review Panel (CPRP)

The purpose of the CPRP is to incorporate community inclusion within the Phoenix Police Department's policy review and recommendation process.