Project Development Requirements and Guidelines

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​​Administrative Procedure 155​

A-1 List of Abbreviations and Acronyms

A-2 Payment Request Forms      
          Design Contract Payment Request Form

​A-3 Plan Submittal Checklists
          Initial Plan Review Checklist
          Preliminary Plan Review Checklist
          PS&E (Plan, Specs & Estimate) Plan Review Checklist
          100% Plan Review Checklist
          Final Sealed Plan Review Checklist​

​A-4 Right-of-Way Information
          Right-of-Way Area Calculations Sample
          Temporary Right-of-Entry Form
          Real Estate Acquisition Services Request Form
          Affected Parcels List Sample
          Real Estate Acquisition Process Timeline

A-5 pothole Information
          Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) Request/Authorization Form

A-6 Project cost Estimation
          Construction bid Tab example

A-7 Environmental Information
          Confidentiality and Security Statement for the Use of Archaeological data
          Stormwater Plan Review Checklist

A-8 Procurement Information
          Consultant Proposal Submittal - General Guidelines