Five-Year Bicycle Program - Shifting Gears

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Shifting Gears illustrationProgram Overview

The five-year bicycle program outlines work efforts that will be initiated by the Street Transportation Department during fiscal years 2018 through 2022 to compliment the City of Phoenix Comprehensive Bicycle Master Plan; including the addition of 1,080 new miles of bicycle lanes by 2050 per the voter-approved Transportation 2050 plan. In addition to bicycle lanes, the city is committed to complete holistic improvements as appropriate that include bicycle detection at intersections, shared-use paths, safe crossings, protected bicycle lanes and various other bicycle improvements. The five-year program outlines a plan to achieve 176 new bicycle lanes miles by 2022.

DRAFT Five-Year Bicycle Program - Shifting Gears

Listed below are the five planning corridors included in the five-year program. The corridors feature existing and proposed bicycle facilities.

Northwest Phoenix / I-17 Corridor

Northeast Phoenix / SR-51 Corridor

Central City / Cross Town Corridor

Downtown Phoenix Corridor

South Mountain / Ahwatukee Corridor

Public Input

Thank you for your interest in making our city streets safer and more livable. Your questions and comments are a valued part of the public input process for the Five-Year Bicycle Program. We encourage you to review the five-year program planning corridors and to share your input. 


Program Contact


Phone Number: 602-495-7542