Basics of Charging

Phoenix metro area EV charging network

The Phoenix metro area, which includes Mesa and Scottsdale, has more than 1,087 public EV charging stations as of March 2020, which includes Level 2 and DC Fast Chargers, and more are popping up all the time.


Please access to find the ones closest to you and your next destination.

Charging stations 


Phoenix Metro Area Charging Stats                                                         

                1,093 Total EV Stations                  53 New Stations (90 days)

                28 CHAdeMO Plugs                        92 Tesla Superchargers

                23 Free Stations                              146 Level 3 DC Fast Chargers

                45 CCS Plugs                                     717 J-1772 Plugs


Your home

Charging at home is as easy as plugging your vehicle into a garage wall outlet. 80% of EV charging is conducted at home.  Want faster charging? You can upgrade your speed by installing a Level 2 charger, which uses AC power and adds 12 to 24 miles for every hour of charging.


Your neighborhood                                                                        


Grocery and Retail Stores with EV Charging in Phoenix Metro Area                           

Phoenix has more than 780 EV charging stations at grocery and retail stores as of March 2020.  Many of the new charging stations in the Phoenix metro area are Level 3 DC Fast Chargers from networks like Evgo and Electrify America with CCS/SAE and CHadEMo connectors.  To view all the grocery and retail stores in the Phoenix metro area with EV charging stations, visit and apply the "grocery" and "shopping" filters.                                                                                                                                          


Hotels with EV Charging in Phoenix Metro Area                                                                                                                 

Hotel properties in the Phoenix metro area offer more than 270 charging stations and as of March 2020 most are Level 2 units.                                                                                                                                     


Public Parking with EV Charging in Phoenix Metro Area                                                                                  

The Phoenix metro area has more than 704 EV charging stations.  Please check for all EV charging locations.



Charging costs

Whether you’re charging at home or on the go, electricity is an extremely affordable fuel source. See how well it measures up against gas. Electricity is cleaner and more cost-effective than gasoline.  The breakdown below shows how much you could potentially save by switching to an EV.



Chargeway is an app that creates an effortless fueling experience for EV drivers. Chargeway offers an easier way to understand how and where to fuel your electric vehicles with interactive maps that identify nearby charging stations, along with those stations' corresponding charging speeds.

Plugshare is another app that offers EV charging station locations and trip planning options.


Levels of Charging                                           

Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers are classified according to the speed with which they recharge an EVs battery.  There are three main levels of charging and EV:                                          

Level 1 - Residential

Uses a standard 110 volt wall outlet.

Level 1 cables typically come standard with any new electric vehicle.  Charging speeds are typically slow (often around 4-5 miles of range per hour of charge, or 30 miles of range per night).  People who have short commutes can often get by on just a Level 1 charger, especially if they have charging available at work or a nearby supermarket for the occasional top off.


Level 2 - Residential/Commercial                                                                                                                                             

Requires professional installation of a high-energy 220/240 volt outlet that looks like a dryer or oven plug.  Can be installed at home or within a commercial and/or public parking area.

Level 2 chargers can provide up to 25 miles of range for every hour of charge, or 200+ miles of range per night. The exact amount of range per hour depends on the power rating of the charger unit itself and the power rating of your car.



Level 3, or DC Fast Charging                                        

DC Fast Chargers (also known as Level 3 chargers or Superchargers for the Tesla network) are able to refill most electic car batteries to 80% in 30-60 minutes and the final 20% in another 30-60 minutes.  These aren't chargers you install at home, but rather ones you find at dedicated charging stations, at grocery stores, and other public places (it would be too expensive to install at home).  Level 3 chargers provide energy at different power ratings (in kW) which is essentially equivalent to charge "speeds", in kW.  Most public charging stations are 50 kW, but some of the more advanced Level 3 chargers are 70kW or even 150kW.  Different EVs support different powers of Level 3 charging.