​​​​​​​​​​​​​EV Equity​​​​

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​​​​​​​​​​​​EV Equity​​​​

The Mayor and City Council are committed to focusing on residents that have been underserved and are the most impacted by climate change and an increase in greenhouse gas emissions. During the development of the Transportation Electrification Action Plan​​, a specific subcommittee focused on equity and identifying cleaner transportation solutions. The Office of Sustainability prepared a Transportation Equity map developed on the Justice40 criteria and is identified below.


The Office of Sustainability staff is conducting English and Spanish Mobility Equity Listening Sessions, facilitated with a trusted community-based organization, Unlimited Potential, to solicit input on the following:

  • How residents move (walking, transit, personal vehicles, bike, etc.)

  • Where are important destinations in their community?

  • What routes are traveled along to reach their destinations?

  • Options for electrified means of transportation

    • E-Carshare

    • E-Rideshare

    • E-Bikeshare and E-Scooter programs

    • Transit vouchers

    • Improvements for infrastructure (bike lanes, shaded bus stops, sidewalks, lighting)

Once all the public input is gathered and analyzed, one community area that initiated the most support will be selected to receive their identified e-mobility transportation solution for implementation. If additional funding is available, there may be an opportunity to implement other solutions in other equity focused areas.  Follow up coordination will be conducted to share the results of the meetings with residents. ​

The below table shows the communities where the listening sessions were conducted, the number of meetings in those communities, the months they were held and the amount of community members who attended. 

Below are photos taken at several 2023 Phoenix E-Mobility Equity Listening & follow-up Sessions/Workshops. 

Community members from South Central Phoenix participate ​in mobility equity workshop for their community.​

Maryvale community members participate in mobility equity workshop for their community.

Sunnyslope community members participate in mobility equity workshop for their community.

Contact the Office of Sustainably at: 

Office of Sustainability

City of Phoenix

200 West Washington Street,  14th Floor

Phoenix Arizona, 85003

Email: Sustainability@phoenix.gov