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Youth and Education: Experience Corps353https://www.phoenix.gov/volunteersite/Media Assets/Youth and Education - Experience Corps.pngYouth and Education: Experience Corpshttps://www.phoenix.gov/education/experiencehttps://www.phoenix.gov/volunteersite/Media Assets/Forms/DispForm.aspx?ID=353 ​ The Youth and Education Office is looking for committed and passionate individuals 50+ to assist 2nd and 3rd grade students in increasing their reading fluency skills. ​​​ 0x0101009148F5A04DDD49CBA7127AADA5FB792B00AADE34325A8B49CDA8BB4DB53328F21400F920B4D0666E6B4186C6A43D1B940DDFImage
Park Stewards262https://www.phoenix.gov/volunteersite/Media Assets/2-27-2019 Two Bit Peak photo 11.jpgPark Stewardshttps://volunteer.phoenix.gov/custom/501/opp_details/2835https://www.phoenix.gov/volunteersite/Media Assets/Forms/DispForm.aspx?ID=262 ​The Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department is seeking volunteers who can help monitor, protect, and maintain over 35,000 acres of preserve lands. With a limited number of Park Rangers on hand to manage these public lands, becoming a Park Steward is a way to "give back" to these beautiful areas that so many enjoy. Park Stewards are a valuable part of our conservation team. 0x0101009148F5A04DDD49CBA7127AADA5FB792B00AADE34325A8B49CDA8BB4DB53328F21400F920B4D0666E6B4186C6A43D1B940DDFImage
VITA – Volunteer Income Tax Assistance355https://www.phoenix.gov/volunteersite/Media Assets/Volunteer Income Tax Assistance.jpgVITA – Volunteer Income Tax Assistancehttps://cop.samaritan.com/custom/501/opp_details/2673https://www.phoenix.gov/volunteersite/Media Assets/Forms/DispForm.aspx?ID=355 Train to be a volunteer tax preparer and learn tax law! There are a variety of opportunities within the VITA program including tax preparers, do-it yourself guides, greeters, site coordinators, instructors and interpreters. Volunteers receive free training in how to prepare a basic tax return. For more information, call (602) 534 – 8359 or email vita.taxhelp@phoenix.gov ​ 0x0101009148F5A04DDD49CBA7127AADA5FB792B00AADE34325A8B49CDA8BB4DB53328F21400F920B4D0666E6B4186C6A43D1B940DDFImage
COPS Program125https://www.phoenix.gov/volunteersite/Media Assets/COPS Program.pngCOPS Programhttps://www.phoenix.gov/police/resources-information/volunteerhttps://www.phoenix.gov/volunteersite/Media Assets/Forms/DispForm.aspx?ID=125 ​ The Phoenix Police Department offers the COPS program so that citizen volunteers or college interns can support the department from within in a non-enforcement capacity. 0x0101009148F5A04DDD49CBA7127AADA5FB792B00AADE34325A8B49CDA8BB4DB53328F21400F920B4D0666E6B4186C6A43D1B940DDFImage
Pueblo Grande Museum Volunteer356https://www.phoenix.gov/volunteersite/Media Assets/chris_by_the_canal_wall.JPGPueblo Grande Museum Volunteerhttps://cop.samaritan.com/custom/501/opp_details/2974https://www.phoenix.gov/volunteersite/Media Assets/Forms/DispForm.aspx?ID=356 Pueblo Grande Museum is seeking volunteers to help in all areas from the front desk to education to exhibits to collections. Museum volunteers are an integral part of the Pueblo Grande team. Work alongside staff and other volunteers to complete meaningful work that furthers the mission of the museum. There are many possible ways to volunteer at Pueblo Grande Front Desk Ambassador Assist with all aspects of visitor services at the Museum reception desk, admission, registration for public programs, visitor statistics. Gift Shop Attendant Work in the museum gift shop, meeting and greeting visitors from around the country, and sharing our local history. Interpreter/Docent Supply information and interesting conversations about artifacts. Initiate interaction and answer questions for visitors in the museum's various galleries. Garden Design, plant, water and weed the garden and assist education staff in teaching audiences about Sonoran Desert plants. Exhibits Help prepare and install temporary exhibitions, outreach educational displays, and special off-site exhibitions; and maintain permanent indoor and outdoor exhibits. Mudslingers Sling mud and help preserve Pueblo Grande using historic preservation methods. Collections Work in partnership with collections staff to catalog, archive, and preserve Pueblo Grande Museum's collection. (CURRENTLY FULL) REQUIRED Interview with Volunteer Coordinator prior to starting any work as a volunteer. You will be contacted once we receive your application. Minimum age 16 0x0101009148F5A04DDD49CBA7127AADA5FB792B00AADE34325A8B49CDA8BB4DB53328F21400F920B4D0666E6B4186C6A43D1B940DDFImage
Citywide Service Plan115https://www.phoenix.gov/volunteersite/Media Assets/CSP Image.pngCitywide Service Planhttps://www.phoenix.gov/volunteersite/Documents/Citywide%20Service%20Plan%20Single%20Page%20Book%208-19.pdfhttps://www.phoenix.gov/volunteersite/Media Assets/Forms/DispForm.aspx?ID=115 The Citywide Service Plan is to ensure that all service efforts support key citywide priorities identified through community engagement efforts and by the mayor, City Council, city manager and the executive team. 0x0101009148F5A04DDD49CBA7127AADA5FB792B00AADE34325A8B49CDA8BB4DB53328F21400F920B4D0666E6B4186C6A43D1B940DDFImage
Aviation Opportunities 311https://www.phoenix.gov/volunteersite/Media Assets/Aviation Opportunities.pngAviation Opportunities https://www.skyharbor.com/volunteer https://www.phoenix.gov/volunteersite/Media Assets/Forms/DispForm.aspx?ID=311 ​Be a bright spot in someone’s day! Sky Harbor Navigators are a group of friendly volunteers whose mission is to make our guests’ experience at Sky Harbor Airport faster, easier and more enjoyable. Navigator volunteers serve all over the Airport by providing directions, information and friendly assistance. They also serve as a welcoming presence to over 100,000 passengers each day. 0x0101009148F5A04DDD49CBA7127AADA5FB792B00AADE34325A8B49CDA8BB4DB53328F21400F920B4D0666E6B4186C6A43D1B940DDFImage

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