​​Citizens Transportation Commission

To ensure accountability, T2050 requires a 15-member Citizens Transportation Commission to represent various facets of the community and oversee the plan. The committee addresses street and transit needs, provides oversight on the expenditure of funds, and make recommendations on plan elements and other means of generating revenue for the plan going forward.

2024 CTC Meeting Calendar​​

The commission members are appointed by the mayor and councilmembers.

  • ​Chair David Moody – Appointed by Councilwoman Debra Stark to represent District 3.
  • Vice-Chair Carolyn Chatman – Appointed by Councilwoman Yassamin Ansari trepresent District 7.
  • Lina Bearat  ​Appointed by Mayor Kate Gallego.
  • Mike Huckins – Appointed by Mayor Kate Gallego.
  • Sanjay Paul – Appointed by Mayor Kate Gallego. 
  • Ellie Perez – Appointed by Mayor Kate Gallego.  
  • David Steinmetz – Appointed bMayor Kate Gallego
  • Fallon Webb Appointed bMayor Kate Gallego. ​
  • Clark Princell – Appointed bMayor Kate Gallego. ​​​
  • Christina Panaitescu Appointed by Councilwoman Ann O'Brien to represent District 1. 
  • Joan Berry – Appointed by Councilman Jim Waring to District 2. 
  • Gabriel Loyola – ​Appointed by Councilwoman Laura Pastor to represent District 4.
  • Shannon McBride – Appointed by Councilwoman Betty Guardado trepresent District 5.
  • Jess Bristow – Appointed by Councilman Carlos Garcia trepresent District 8.
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