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 Councilman Galindo-Elvira's Biography

Councilman Carlos Galindo-Elvira was appointed by the Phoenix City Council in April of 2024, to serve as the representative for District 7 in an interim capacity.

Carlos was born in Kearny and grew up in the Copper Corridor town of Hayden, Arizona where he would come to serve on the town council as a Councilman from 1987-1991 and again in 1995 - 1998. He also served as Vice Mayor from 2001 - 2003 and as Mayor from 2003 - 2005.

In addition to his time on Hayden Town Council, Galindo-Elvira has dedicated most of his life to serving nonprofit organizations focused on advocacy, anti-discrimination, and healthcare. He, his wife, and two sons have lived in Phoenix Council District 7 for nearly 20 years and Galindo-Elvira has served as the Director of Community Engagement and Partnerships for Chicanos Por La Causa (CPLC) since 2020. Before working for CPLC, he was the Regional Director for a national anti-hate organization where he led the regional office and investigated hate crimes. Councilman Galindo-Elvira also holds a Bachelor's degree in Spanish from Arizona State University (ASU).

Carlos is incredibly dedicated to his Jewish faith, and it is that faith, which helps guide his decision-making to address important issues that District 7 residents are facing. About 65% of Councilman Galindo-Elvira's appointment will be within the hot summer months. He is ready to work with the community and city staff to address critical issues around city parks and recreation, extreme heat and homelessness, as well as support our public safety personnel.

During his Phoenix Council appointment, Councilman Galindo-Elvira made three public promises:
  1. He will not run for the District 7 council seat in the regular election in November 2024.
  2. He will reinvest his salary into local nonprofit agencies in District 7 (except for his employer, CPLC).
  3. He will protect the nonpartisan role of the district office and responsibly assist all residents regardless of party affiliation.