​Gift Disclosures & Waiver Requests

Gift Disclosures

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​City elected officials and employees are required to file disclosure forms for any gifts received that have an estimated fair market value of $50 or more. Employees must file the disclosure within five business days of receipt of the gift. Elected officials must file gift disclosures quarterly, within 30 calendar days after the end of the quarter in which the gift is received.  

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October 3, 2017KatherineBarkleyOctober 3, 2017https://www.phoenix.gov/cityclerksite/EthicsLibrary/Katherine-Barkley-Gift-10-3-2017.pdf
October 3, 2017YolandaBrisenoOctober 3, 2017https://www.phoenix.gov/cityclerksite/EthicsLibrary/Yolanda-Briseno-Gift-10-3-2017.pdf
August 25, 2017SandraHunterAugust 25, 2017https://www.phoenix.gov/cityclerksite/EthicsLibrary/Sandra-Hunter-Gift-08-25-2017.pdf
October 4, 2017DarrellKripleanOctober 4, 2017https://www.phoenix.gov/cityclerksite/EthicsLibrary/Darrell-Kriplean-Gift-10-4-2017.pdf
September 13, 2017ArmidaLopezSeptember 13, 2017https://www.phoenix.gov/cityclerksite/EthicsLibrary/Armida-Lopez-Gift-09-13-2017.pdf
July 27,2017Jo EllenMcBrideJuly 27,2017https://www.phoenix.gov/cityclerksite/EthicsLibrary/Jo-Ellen-McBride-Gift-07-27-2017.pdf
October 6, 2017BrianMooreOctober 6, 2017https://www.phoenix.gov/cityclerksite/EthicsLibrary/Brian-Moore-Gift-10-06-2017.pdf
October 4, 2017David and GlendaNietoOctober 4, 2017https://www.phoenix.gov/cityclerksite/EthicsLibrary/David-and-Glenda-Nieto-Gift-10-4-17.pdf
July 27, 2017CarolinaPottsJuly 27, 2017https://www.phoenix.gov/cityclerksite/EthicsLibrary/Carolina-Potts-Gift-07-27-2017.pdf
October 4, 2017MichelleWoodOctober 4, 2017https://www.phoenix.gov/cityclerksite/EthicsLibrary/Michelle-Wood-Gift-10-4-2017.pdf

Waiver Requests

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​If an elected official, board member, employee, or volunteer believes the acceptance of a gift in connection with a special occasion, such as a graduation or wedding, may create the appearance of undue influence or a conflict of interest, before accepting a gift, the individual may request a special occasion waiver. The waiver must be approved by the City of Phoenix Ethics Commission for elected officials and board members or the City Manager’s Office for employees and volunteers.

To view filed waiver requests, select the name below.

To date, no waiver requests have been filed.