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Welcome to the Phoenix Tree Bank, where your donation can make a difference!

​​​The City of Phoenix's Tree and Shade Master Plan​ is a roadmap for creating a healthier, more liv​​able and prosperous 21st Century desert city. 

With the help of businesses and residents we can cool our city. This tree donation portal provides a vehicle in which funds can be allott​ed to support the city's Tree and Shade Master Plan. 

Follow these steps to make a donation:

1. Review the current project categories below and decide which one you are interested in donating to.

2. Click DONATE NOW to complete your donation.

3. Look for the annual tree report to see completed projects and celebrate a healthier more livable Phoenix.​

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You the donor acknowledge that your contribution will be pooled with others in the category of your choice and directed toward tree planting within the City of Phoenix as determined by a working group of staff and stakeholders. Funds cannot be directed by the donor to specific projects; however, donors may propose project ideas for future consideration in the “comment” box when they make a donation. To see how funds are directed within each category, please see the descriptions below. 



Donations to Neighborhoods will add trees to new small and large projects as a part of the city's "Love your Block" program in partnership with Volunteer Phoenix. Planting classes available through the Citizen Forester Program       Workers planting trees along street


Donations will be used to plant trees in community parks throughout Phoenix - particularly parks with a limited tree canopy. High priority projects will be selected by the Urban Forest Implementation Team.Tree planting


Streetscape and Sidewalks:

Donations will be used to plant trees along currently barren streets and sidewalks connecting neighborhoods to schools and nearby stores. High impact locations will be selected by the Urban Forest Implementation Team.  Trees along street

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Recent Projects: 

Central Park Neighborhood - A collaborative tree planting project where 120 trees were planted in the neighborhood and the nearby park. 

Cactus Road and 39th Ave - Installed 18 Desert Willows and three Chinese Pistache along the sidewalk near the local school. ​​