Information by Mapped Address in Phoenix (IMAP)

​​​​Mapping Information at Your Fingertips


Looking for the nearest library or want to find out what congressional district you are in?

If you live within the city of Phoenix boundaries, you can find it using our interactive map simply by typing in your address. ​​​

Blue and white hyperlinked imageInterested in viewing and learning about all of the properties the city owns?

Find that information on our City Owned Properties Map.

launch map iconFind Planning, Zoning, and Development information via our interactive map.

Search properties by address, parcel number, zoning (current, approved, and proposed), or zoning tile. Zoom in and out, turn layers on and off, view location information, print maps and more.

open data iconLearn about the Open Data that is available for use in creating mapping applications.


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 Mapping Portal Tool Visit our Open Data Home Page to learn about data open to the public and accessible for everyone. You may review and download a variety of Datasets on the page. Additional, you may also be interested in the Mapping Portal Tool.