Public Art Program    ​​

Public Art Everywhere Website - The Aviators public art piece at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

​​Since its establishment in 1986, the department’s Public Art Program has been a national model for involving artists in designing and building a better city. By fostering collaborations among artists, engineers, architects, landscape architects and other urban designers and thinkers, the program enhances the look, feel and function of a wide range of public buildings, spaces and infrastructure. Think airport terminals, community centers, streetscapes, parks, canals, trails, transit centers, pedestrian bridges, overpasses, underpasses, recycling centers, and public safety buildings. Phoenix Public Art has touched all of these urban essentials and more. ​



Shadow Play1110 Art Slider Images/SHADOW PLAY-WINQUIST-8405.jpgShadow Play
Art is a Guaranty of Sanity1113 Art Slider Images/Art is a Guaranty of Sanity2.jpgArt is a Guaranty of Sanity
27th Ave. Materials Recovery Facility1112 Art Slider Images/27AveSolidWasteFacilityphoto by Craig Smith.jpg27th Ave. Materials Recovery Facility
Ground Cover1106 Art Slider Images/Ground Cover.jpgGround Cover
Her Secret is Patience1107 Art Slider Images/Her Secret is Patience.JPGHer Secret is Patience
Isaac Streetscape1108 Art Slider Images/Isaac Streetscape Huerta.jpgIsaac Streetscape
Mountain Pass Bridge1109 Art Slider Images/Mountain Pass Pedestrian Bridge.jpgMountain Pass Bridge
Curiouser and Curiouser1105 Art Slider Images/Curiouser and Curiouser.JPGCuriouser and Curiouser
Diné/Navajo Connection1111 Art Slider Images/T3 Sky Train Terrazzo.jpgDiné/Navajo Connection
Arizona Falls1114 Art Slider Images/AZ Falls.tifArizona Falls
The Aviators1149 Art Slider Images/2019.03.06_Lipski_Aviators_Winquist (5).jpgThe Aviators

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