New and Expanded Major Streets Program

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Phoenix Transportation 2050 logoTransportation 2050 will provide an estimated $240 million for new and expanded major streets projects, to help connect and complete the city's roadway network. The Proposition 104 ballot language  related to the Transportation 2050 plan included a map that depicts proposed corridors for New and Expanded Major Streets improvements and maintenance efforts. 
Street Transportation Department staff, in close coordination with the Citizens Transportation Commission, the Mayor and City Council, have prioritized major street improvement projects to most effectively utilize available Transportation 2050 funding, while supporting multi-modal connectivity goals. 
 Criteria used to evaluate roadway project corridors to determine which corridors went through the project assessment phase are listed below:

  • Existing corridor roadway and transit service, number of connecting or intersecting transit routes;
  • Proposed transit service expansion timing;
  • Consideration of crash history; and
  • If the corridor is part of an elected body approved transportation plan, designated to be of prime importance within the Village Core, part of a Community Economic Development focus area, or part of a Neighborhood Services Initiative Area.

Based on the above criteria, it was recommended the following corridors move forward to the Project Assessment phase. Rank Ordered Corridors

  • Baseline Road:  71st Avenue to 55th Avenue;
  • Buckeye Road:  75th Avenue to 59th Avenue;
  • Indian School Road:  107th Avenue to 91st Avenue;
  • Lower Buckeye Road:  75th Avenue to 19th Avenue;
  • Baseline Road:  46th Avenue to 43rd Avenue;
  • 91st Avenue:  Thomas Road to Camelback Road;
  • 43rd Avenue: Lower Buckeye Road to Buckeye Road;
  • 91st Avenue: Lower Buckeye Road to Buckeye Road;
  • Lower Buckeye Road:  91st Avenue to 75th Avenue;
  • Southern Avenue:  51st Avenue to 37th Lane;
  • 19th Avenue:  Happy Valley Road to Jomax Road;
  • 16th Street and Indian School Road Intersection;
  • 35th Avenue:  Came​lback Road to Glendale Avenue;
  • 59th Avenue:  Thomas Road to Indian School Road;
  • 67th Avenue:  McDowell Road to Thomas Road;
  • Camelback Road:  19th Avenue to 17th Avenue;
  • Indian School Road:  49th Avenue to 77th Avenue;
  • 43rd Avenue:  McDowell Road to Bell Road.

The Citizen’s Transportation Commission and the Transportation & Infrastructure Subcommittee have recommended approval of the first five years of the New and Expanded Major Streets Lifecycle Program (FY2018 – 2022) to proceed with implementation of design, right-of-way and construction phases of project development and delivery. 

DRAFT New and Expanded Major Streets Lifecycle Program (FY2018 – 2022)

Program Documents
Proposition 104 Ballot Map

Rank Ordered Corridors

Draft New and Expanded Major Streets Lifecycle Program (FY2018-2022)