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'Sending Their Ancestors Home' Exhibithttps://www.phoenix.gov/calendar/parks/4722'Sending Their Ancestors Home' ExhibitS'edav Va'aki Museum, 4619 E Washington Street.6/22/2023 3:00:00 PM6/1/2024 1:00:00 AMGP0|#5a6a607d-8eed-4a8d-826c-3328d59cefd0;L0|#05a6a607d-8eed-4a8d-826c-3328d59cefd0|Parks and Recreation;GTSet|#517b07ab-dd83-4937-994c-c703834583f1;GPP|#c91454cd-5b28-4d66-bc01-17d32298aa9b ​Join us at S’edav Va’aki for this unique event where we explore the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act, 30 years later and still striving for healing. No
22nd Annual Ancient Technology Day at S’eḏav Va’aki Museumhttps://www.phoenix.gov/calendar/parks/526722nd Annual Ancient Technology Day at S’eḏav Va’aki MuseumS’eḏav Va’aki Museum3/9/2024 4:00:00 PM3/9/2024 10:00:00 PMGP0|#5a6a607d-8eed-4a8d-826c-3328d59cefd0;L0|#05a6a607d-8eed-4a8d-826c-3328d59cefd0|Parks and Recreation;GTSet|#517b07ab-dd83-4937-994c-c703834583f1;GPP|#c91454cd-5b28-4d66-bc01-17d32298aa9b ​Join in on the fun and test your technology skills at the S'e d av Va'aki Museum's 22 nd Annual Ancient Technology Day on March 9 th from 900AM to 300PM. Witness demonstrators present technologies inspired by the Ancestral Sonoran Desert People who thrived in a desert environment. Learn about skills such as flint knapping (making arrowheads), raw hide drum making, etching shell jewelry, basketry production, and more! Experts in historic technologies will demonstrate skills from early European settlers such as lace making and adobe brick making! Learn fun facts about the desert environment and try your shot at throwing a spear with an atlatl or using a replica bow to launch an arrow. Ancient Technology Day Prehistoric & Historic , an official Arizona SciTech Festival event, highlights technologies to provide our guests with a more complete understanding of Arizona's history and its environment. In addition to hands-on demonstrations, families can enjoy free craft activities and artifact show-and-tell stations. Enjoy an experience that is fun for the whole family! All Ancient Technology Day activities and Museum admission are FREE for the day! Visit phoenix.gov/sedav-vaaki or call (602) 495-0901 for more information.​ No

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