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Cultural Event

Are you interested in exploring the remains of a 1,500 year-old Hohokam village, or ready to challenge your creativity by taking a ceramics class, or want to experience the peace and tranquility of a traditional Japanese tea ceremony? Discover the facilities and programs that help to preserve, celebrate and build Phoenix's unique culture.




Code of Conduct Policy Public Meeting of Conduct Policy Public Meeting1/23/2019 1:00:00 AMMaryvale Community Center, 4420 N. 51st Ave.
Wednesday Wind Up Wind Up1/23/2019 6:00:00 PMCivic Space Park, 424 N. Central Ave.
Park of Four Waters Tour of Four Waters Tour1/25/2019 5:00:00 PMPueblo Grande Museum - 4619 E Washington St
Food Truck Friday Truck Friday1/25/2019 6:00:00 PMCivic Space Park, 424 N. Central Ave.