The Museum curates collections from hundreds of sites across the Phoenix metropolitan area. The collection is significant to the study of the archaeology of the Salt River Valley, Hohokam archaeology, the site of S'edav Va'aki, and history of the original Phoenix townsite. ​​

Frank G_Vessel Rehousing.jpgArchaeological Collection ​Highlights

The Salt River Stratigraphic Survey Collection – documenting the 1939–1940 survey of 108 archaeological sites across the Salt River Valley.

The Civilian Conservation Corps and Works Progress Administrative Excavation Collections – documenting the 1936–1940 excavations of the platform mound and other features at the site of Pueblo Grande.

The Hohokam Expressway Collection – documenting a large archaeological project conducted prior to the construction of State Route 143 and within the boundaries of the archaeological site of S'edav Va'aki.

The Phoenix Chinatown Collection – documenting a salvage archaeology project before the construction of an arena in downtown Phoenix. It includes objects associated with Phoenix's small Chinatown (dated 1890–1920).

chival Collections 

Historic image of archeologists in Phoenix

S'ed​av Va'aki Museum collects documents, photographs, and data related to the history of the Museum, the site of S'edav Va'aki​, and the archaeology of the Salt River Valley.

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Archaeological repository project records dominate the Museum’s archival collections and include field notes, logs, sketches, maps, and analysis data. The archival collection also contains documents about the Museum’s ethnographic holdings, as well as records related to the Museum’s institutional and administrative history.

The photographic archives contain over 65,000 images. Most of the photographs document professional archaeological excavations within the City of Phoenix. The Museum also has collections of photographs documenting the history of the Museum as well as ethnographic images of Native American people from the Southwest.​​​

​For information about research access to the archival collection, clic​k h​e​re.​​

​Historic and Contemporary Collections

​​​​S'ed​av Va'aki​ Museum’​​s Historic and Contemporary collections are primarily objects made by Native American artisans from central Arizona. ​​A portion of our historic and contemporary collections are available for viewing on the Arizona M​emory Project.

Pee-Posh pottery collection, bird bowlPee-Posh pottery collection, bowl with frogsPee-Posh pottery collection, vase with geometric designPee-Posh pottery collection, bowl with geometric design



Pee-Posh Pottery Collection – over 600 pieces of Pee-Posh/Piipaash (Maricopa) pottery. These objects were produced by artists from the Gila River Indian Community and the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community. They include works by Ruth Antone, Theroline Bread, Vesta Bread, Ron Carlos, Phyllis Johnson Cerna, Barbara Johnson, Mary Johnson, Mary Juan, Alma Lawrence, Lena Meskeer, Grace Monahan, Emily Percharo, Antoinette Pinon, Anita Redbird, Ida Redbird, Malinda Redbird, Beryl Stevens, Gertrude Stevens, Elsie Stewart, Dorothea Sunn-Avery, Cloritta Sundust-Johnson, Evelyn Yarmata, and Lula Young. ​

Historic Period O’Odham Collection – objects made by O’Odham people. These objects were produced by artists from the Gila River Indian Community, Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, and the Tohono O’Odham Nation. They include works by the Angea family, Jacob Butler, Michael Chiago, Chepa Domingo, Franco Domingo, Corline Flores, Alice Francisco, Rikki Francisco, Leona Garcia, Molly Havier, Juanita Jones, Suzie Ramon, Dolores Stevens, Lillian Thomas, Lola Thomas, and Elena Xavier.​