​​​​​​​​​Main Exhibits​

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The Hohokam: The Land and the People

This exhibit highlights the Sonoran Desert, the Ancestral Sonoran Desert People who lived at the site of Pueblo Grande, and their descendants, the O'Odham, who today share knowledge and stories about their homeland.

The exhibit provides information about growing food in the desert, getting water and the tremendous feat of engineering hundreds of miles of canals. View awe-inspiring artifacts ranging from pottery, tools, jewelry, to baskets. Learn about prehistoric architecture, astronomy, trade, and artisans.

Visit the museum to understand why this place is so important and how – through hearing the stories by native peoples and seeking archaeological clues – people have thrived in the Sonoran Desert for thousands of years. ​

Dig it Exhibit

Dig It! Explore Archeaology

Discover archaeology in this hands-on gallery. Explore layers of history at the stratigraphy wall. Learn about the tools an archaeologist uses to study archaeological sites. What clues can archaeologists find to help us learn more about people, places, and cultures?​​​​