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The Planning & Development Department (P&D) guides the physical development of the city by preserving our historic sites, planning what can ​be built where, and ensuring safe construction of buildings and infrastructure. A host of advisory and governing bodies of residents as well as elected officials provide oversight as the city grows and needs arise. The process is governed through development and enforcement of city codes and ordinances.

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Electronic Plan ReviewElectronic Plan Review/pdd/onlineservices/electronic-plan-reviewSubmit development plans electronically using the Internet!RoyalBlue
General Plan UpdateGeneral Plan Update/pdd/pz/general-plan-updatePlanPHX General Plan Updatedarkgreen
Parklet ProgramParklet Programhttps://www.phoenix.gov/pdd/services/parklet-programEncouraging vibrant community spaces downtownFireRed
Development Center Wait TimesDevelopment Center Wait Timeshttps://www.phoenix.gov/pdd/waittimesWant faster customer service? Check current wait times by counter.FireRed
Self-Certification ProgramSelf-Certification Program/pdd/self-certification-programPermits without a plan review? Find out how!darkblue
ReinventPHXReinventPHX/pdd/topics/reinvent-phxPlanning for our Light Rail neighborhoodsRoyalBlue

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Permit Like a Pro, When do I Need a Permit202https://i.ytimg.com/vi/zoR0f-1FcMY/hqdefault.jpgPermit Like a Pro, When do I Need a Permithttps://www.phoenix.gov/planning-and-development-media/video/202Video that explains the situations when a permit is needed.0x0120D520A80800D206B2055D185C468097646BBFA1707Etext/html; charset=utf-8 Video
Permit Like a Pro - Importance of Pool Barriers199https://i.ytimg.com/vi/RBoMfpMckLs/hqdefault.jpgPermit Like a Pro - Importance of Pool Barriershttps://www.phoenix.gov/planning-and-development-media/video/1990x0120D520A80800D206B2055D185C468097646BBFA1707Etext/html; charset=utf-8 Video
On The Job with Aracely Herrera, Phoenix City Planner160https://img.youtube.com/vi/ozj1wHPr5S4/hqdefault.jpgOn The Job with Aracely Herrera, Phoenix City Plannerhttps://www.phoenix.gov/planning-and-development-media/video/160City Manager Ed Zuercher and Aracely Herrera discuss duties in the Planning & Development Department.0x0120D520A80800D206B2055D185C468097646BBFA1707Etext/html; charset=utf-8 Video
On The Job with Hans Kupfer - Building Inspector153https://img.youtube.com/vi/XGV1E-hqlz4/hqdefault.jpgOn The Job with Hans Kupfer - Building Inspectorhttps://www.phoenix.gov/planning-and-development-media/video/153City Manager Ed Zuercher is at a construction site in Maryvale, seeing how inspectors keep buildings safe.0x0120D520A80800D206B2055D185C468097646BBFA1707Etext/html; charset=utf-8 Video