Contact Planning & DevelopmentContact Planning & Development<div class="ExternalClassEF8992D80A6B458EA74108ACA2FF87ED"><p> <strong>Planning & Development Department​</strong><br> ​200 W Washington St, Second Floor</p><div class="contactPageChip"> <a class="chip"><div class="svgicon phone"><i class="fas fa-phone"></i></div>​602-262-7811</a> <a class="chip" href="#" target="_blank"> <div class="svgicon file"> <i class="fas fa-tty"></i></div>​use 7-1-1</a> <a class="chip"> <div class="svgicon link"> <i class="fal fa-fax"></i></div>​602-262-7811</a> <a class="chip" href="/pdd/contact-pdd" target="_blank"> <div class="svgicon email"> <i class="fal fa-envelope"></i></div>Email Planning & Development</a> </div> <p>City business hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, except for major holidays.​​ View locations and counter​ for more information.</p><p> <a href="/pio/public-records-request" target="_blank">Make a Public Records Request</a><br></p></div>



Complete Phone Directory Phone Directory<i class="fas fa-file-pdf"></i>
Electronic Plan Review (EPR) Plan Review (EPR)602-534-5933
Civil Permits, Addressing and Water Services Permits, Addressing and Water
Civil Review Review602-534-6502
Fire Prevention-New Construction Prevention-New Construction<i class="fas fa-phone"></i>​
Historic Preservation Preservation<i class="fas fa-phone"></i>602-261-8699
Payments and Submittals and
Residential Building Building602-261-8078
Residential Building Plot Plans Building Plot
Residential Express
Residential Express-Solar
Signs<i class="fas fa-phone"></i>602-495-0301
Sign Complaints Complaints<i class="fas fa-phone"></i>​602-495-0284
Site Planning Planning602-495-0302
Traffic Review
Zoning<i class="fas fa-phone"></i>602-262-7131



Adaptive Reuse Program Reuse Program<i class="fas fa-phone"></i>602-534-7344
Annual Facilities Permit Program (AFP) Facilities Permit Program (AFP)<i class="fas fa-phone"></i>602-262-7501
Code Questions Questions
Commercial Plan Review Status Plan Review Status<i class="fas fa-phone"></i>602-262-7855
Extended Construction Work Hours Permit Construction Work Hours Permit<i class="fas fa-phone"></i>602-534-5067
Fire Plan Review Plan Review602
Impact Fees Fees<i class="fas fa-phone"></i>602-495-7026
Inspection Requests Requests<i class="fas fa-phone"></i>​602-262-7811
Non-Permitted Construction Construction<i class="fas fa-phone"></i>​602-262-7811
Residential Code Information Line Code Information Line<i class="fas fa-phone"></i>602-262-7884



Fire Dept. -Fire Prevention Dept. -Fire Prevention602-262-6771
Archaeology Office Office
Neighborhood Services Department Services Department<i class="fas fa-phone"></i>​602-534-4444
Office of Environmental Programs of Environmental Programs602256-5669
Parks & Recreation & Recreation<i class="fas fa-phone"></i>602-262-6862
Public Works Works<i class="fas fa-phone"></i>​602-262-7251
Streets Department Department<i class="fas fa-phone"></i>​602-262-6284
Water Services Department Services Department<i class="fas fa-phone"></i>602-262-6251



American Institute of Architects (AIA) Institute of Architects (AIA)602-252-4200
Arizona Board of Technical Registration Board of Technical Registration
Arizona Department of Revenue-Out of State Contractor Department of Revenue-Out of State Contractor(602) 255-3381
Arizona Registrar of Contractors-Contractor Search Registrar of Contractors-Contractor Search