Signs, Temporary Subdivision Signage

This information addresses the most common questions regarding signage for temporary subdivision sales. All signs, unless otherwise noted, require sign permits. All code sections referenced are found in the city of Phoenix Zoning Ordinance. For further sign information contact Sign Services at 602-495-0301. For complaints about signs please call 602-495-0284.

Subdivision Sales Signs (On premises)

How much temporary signage can our subdivision have?
All subdivisions are entitled to a minimum of 96 sq. ft. of sign area or two (2) square feet of sign area for each lot with a dwelling unit to a maximum of six hundred (600) square feet. No single sign may be larger than three hundred (300) square feet. The maximum height of these signs may be twenty-five (25) ft. (705.D.9.a.) (2) Signs for condos, townhouses or similar developments in which an undivided interest in the land is coupled with the right of exclusive occupancy of any unit allows fifty (50) sq. ft. for the first fifty (50) dwelling units and one additional sq. ft. for each additional dwelling unit to a maximum of one hundred fifty (150) square feet. One sign is permitted per street front, no higher than twelve (12) feet in height. (705.D.9.a (3))


Can we place flags on any of the lots in our subdivision?
Yes, staff mounted flags no larger than four (4) ft by six (6) ft. in area and twenty-five (25) feet in height are permitted. There can be no more than twenty-five signs for an entire subdivision. A minimum twenty (20) foot spacing between flags is required. Two flags are permitted on model home lots; otherwise only one flag per lot is permitted. The maximum number of signs for any subdivision is twenty-five (25) (705.D.9.a.4)

Offsite Directional Signs:

May we have off-site directional signs?
Yes, two off-site directional signs up to 32 square feet in area are allowed subject to these conditions:

  1. Must be located within one mile of subdivision on undeveloped land.
  2. Copy is restricted to travel directions, development name, and type of home offered.

A common structure may be permitted where there are multiple developers and limited locations for off-site signage, with use permit approval. The signage for any one subdivision is limited to 32 sq. ft. with a maximum eighteen (18) ft height and 300 sq. ft. (705.D.9.d.)

Model Homes

How much signage can we have on model homes?
Upon receiving site plan approval each model is entitled to fifteen (15) sq. ft. of signage. Non-illuminated ground signs less than 3 ft. in height and wall signs less than 8 ft. in height do not require a permit. (705.9.B.)

Sales Trailers

How much signage is allowed on a sales trailer?
Six (6) square feet of signage is permitted on a sales trailer. (608.3.f.3)

Can our business name be painted on the sales trailer?
Yes, as long as it is magnetic, decals, or painted upon an integral part of the vehicle or equipment as originally designed by the manufacturer, and does not break the silhouette of the vehicle. In addition, the primary purpose of the trailer can not be for the display of signs or primarily used as a static display. This is exempt from sign permits. (705.B.2.f.2)