Remote Video Inspections

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​​​​​The new Remote Video Inspection program allows residents to have certain residential construction inspected at a pre-scheduled time via live video chat. Because the inspector can inspect your work via video feed from a centralized computer, you're not at the mercy of unexpected travel or other delays that can hold up an inspector and keep you waiting.

Here's how it works. Residents or contractors use a smart phone with front and rear cameras (with 4G or wi-fi connection) to send a live video feed of the completed work to a centrally located inspector at a specific prescheduled time. Once the video link is established, you simply follow the inspector's instructions on where to point the camera. Details, including eligible permits, log-in and connection instructions, are listed below.

To schedule a remote video inspection call 602-262-7811; an operator will assist you.*

*Las inspecciones de video remotas están disponibles en español. Si necesita un inspector de habla hispana, déjele saber al operador cuando haga su cita para la inspección de video remota.

Once you've scheduled your inspection by phone, these links a guide to preparing for and completing your inspection:

Getting Your Phone /Mobile Device Ready​​​​​​

Preparing for and conducting the inspection​

After the Inspection​

Eligible Permits

Remote video inspections are available for these residential permit types, all of which can be purchased online (link to;

  • Main breaker "de-rate" for photovoltaic (solar) panel installations
  • Electrical service upgrades (up to 200 AMP)
  • Electric meter socket replacement
  • Minor electrical work
  • Water heater replacement
  • Minor plumbing work
  • Plumbing, Repipe 1 Bathroom
  • Plumbing, Repipe 2 Bathrooms
  • Plumbing, Repipe 3+ Bathrooms
  • Repair/replace gas line
  • Gas clearance
  • Sewer lines

What you need for Remote Video Inspection

Getting Your Phone/Mobile Device Ready​

1. 4G wireless service

Ensure your inspection location has 4G connectivity and your smart phone or tablet has 4G connectivity -- 3G connectivity may not provide the speed and clarity required to complete the inspection. If the video connection is insufficient, the inspector may record the inspection result as not-ready, partial, or failed as applicable, and schedule an in-person inspection. (See item 8: What Happens if an Inspection Fails)

2. Set up Cisco WebEx

Download the Cisco WebEx app (available in the Apple or Google Play app stores) to your smart phone. You must successfully complete the download to your device before receiving the electronic invitation from the inspector for your video inspection. For more details on the app, view the complete WebEx logon instructions for Android and iPhone

3. Make sure your phone is fully charged at the scheduled inspection time.

1. Schedule the inspection:

  • Phone our office at 602-262-7811; an operator will assist you.
    • You will need your permit number and inspection type, and a working e-mail address to receive a video meeting invitation.
2. Prepare for the inspection:
  • Prior to your scheduled inspection time, ensure that you have gathered and have accessible all the necessary tools to conduct the inspection. For example, carry or have available a tape measure, level, GFCI receptacle tester, step ladder, flash light etc. or any other tool necessary to verify the work meets code requirements. Remote video inspection may require moving from point to point at the work locatin to capture video views of the completed word. By agreeing to use this service, you assume all risk related to it, including risks posed by obstacles or trip hazards on your propertySo please be safe; before your inspection please review the route you will follow during the inspection to remove any hazards or obstacles. ​
3. Prepare to receive the Cisco WebEx emailed invitation:

  • Read, and fully understand, the WebEx logon instructions for Android and iPhone. Remember to download the WebEx map PRIOR to your inspection. 
  • Make sure the smart phone or tablet is fully charged.
  • Be ready to accept the video call at the scheduled time.
  • Turn off phone notifications that may interrupt the phone call that the WebEx meeting generates. This is an important step because notifications freeze the connection and will cause delays to the inspection.
  • iPhone iOS 8.4 in Settings
    • Tap on "Do Not Disturb"
    • Set the “Manual” Slider button to be green
    • Scroll down to “Silence”
    • Tap next to “Always” to add a check mark
  • Android OS 5: In Settings​

    • Tap Sounds and Notifications
    • Under Notifications section, “Do Not Disturb,” tap “Off”​​​
  • If you have ear buds with an integrated microphone, use them -- they'll make it easier to communicate with the inspector
  • Remember to restore your preferred settings after your inspection and call is complete.

  • ​​Begin the inspection 
    1. ​​​​Follow the directions of the inspector.
    2. Begin the inspection at the street view looking at the structure. The address number must be visible in the video view so the inspector can verify the location. Walk the inspection in a clockwise direction horizontally.
    3. Walk the inspection from bottom to top vertically (if multiple floors)
    4. Make note of any correction items.


    After the Inspection​
    1. Inspection Approval -- The inspector will tell you if the inspection passed and send a notification via e-mail. Congratulations!
    1. ​What Happens if I Fail the Inspection?
      1. The inspector will update the​ permitting system after the Cisco WebEx call is completed. These comments will be available to view on our web site and will be emailed to you.
      2. The inspector will assess an additional fee for re-inspection, if applicable.
      3. If applicable, the customer must pay the fee prior to scheduling re-inspection. You may pay online (link to or call 603-262-7811 to pay over the phone.

    Scheduling of same day re-inspections is based on availability of time slots in the calendaring service. Your inspector may provide the option for you to send a correction video or photos to