SolarAPP Pilot Program​

This pilot program is currently only available to pre-approved contractors. If you are interested in participating in the pilot program, please contact Ken Alexander at 602-534-2363.

SolarAPP is a third-party software program that can be used to verify code compliance for residential photovoltaic (PV) projects. The City of Phoenix Planning & Development Department (PDD) will accept SolarAPP approved designs for application and permitting of residential photovoltaic projects. Please see the information below to determine project eligibility and the process for submittal and permit.

Note: The Phoenix Fire Department requires a separate permit for photovoltaic and battery energy storage systems. Please visit Phoenix Fire Prevention​ for more information.

Submitting with SolarAPP

1.       Determine Eligibility (Please see eligibility on the right)

2.       Submit for Review through SolarAPP

    • Submit proposed design to SolarAPP 
    • Register or login
    • Input project design parameters into SolarAPP
    • A processing fee will be assessed by SolarAPP for use of their product 

3.       Apply for your permit through the Planning & Development Department online p​ermit portal. 

    • Applicant must enter SolarAPP approval ID in applicable field.
    • Email SolarAPP approved document and approvals upload document (includes manufacturer specification sheets), three-line diagram and plot plan to pdd.records@phoenix.gov. Must include PDD permit number and property address in subject line of email.​
    • SolarAPP approved checklist, three-line diagram and plot plan all must correlate. If they do not, inspection delays will occur. 

4.       Schedule Inspection​ 

    • Enter permit number and web inspection key
    • Enter information as requested
    • Please call 602-262-7811 if additional assistance is required
​5.          Revisions
    • Submit revised plans to SolarAPP​ and obtain the required approval report. 

    • Email approved SolarAPP revision documents (including manufacturer specification sheets), three-line diagram and plot plan to pdd.residential.solarapp@phoenix.gov. Applicant must include “Revision", Planning & Development Department permit number and property address in subject line of email

    • PDD staff will update the existing permit and notify applicant via email of additional fees due for record change ($37.50)

    • Applicant pays fees (click here) or call 602-534-5934.

    • Once fees are paid, applicant notifies staff of payment via email at pdd.residential.solarapp@phoenix.gov

    • PDD staff will verify payment and email copy of updated permit​​.


  • Must be an Arizona licensed contractor
  • Residential (single-family or duplex residence) rooftop installations only
  • Structure supporting PV system must be legal, permitted, code compliant structure
  • No battery storage
  • No ballasted or ground mounted systems
  • Not located within Historic Preservation district or FEMA Special Flood Hazard Area
  • Must meet the following technical requirements:
      • No existing PV or energy storage systems
      • No panel upgrades or derating​
      • PV system roof loading not to exceed 4 psf dead load
      • 400-amp maximum electrical service, single phase only
      • Maximum of 2 DC strings in parallel
      • If using microinverter, one module per microinverter
      • Only one module type
      • Up to two inverter types for string inverters and up to one inverter type for microinverters​