Storm Water Drainage Facilities Maintenance

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​All drainage facilities and easements owned and/or operated by private entities, including Homeowner’s Associations, shall properly maintain their storm water management system to ensure that it will perform as designed. (City of Phoenix Storm Water Policies and Standards 3.9.5) This is especially important during monsoon season. Taking the steps below ​will help storm water get to its intended location without causing excessive erosion, flooding or other damage.

​​        ​
Ensure all culverts, catch basins and drainage grates are free of trash or other debris that can restrict flow during a storm.​​
​Verify that your drainage channels and retention basins have not filled with plant material or silt that will prevent them from conveying and retaining water.
​Check that drywells are functioning properly so that storm water will properly dissipate after an event to prevent mosquitoes.
​Keep walkways safe by restoring embankments.
Keep drainage channels, basins and washes free of trash and overgrown vegetation that can restrict flow during a storm.

Seasonal cleaning and regular maintenance of storm water facilities is recommended to help prevent erosion, ensure water gets where it needs to go safely, reduce mosquito breeding in ponding areas and dissipate storm water back into the ground water table with dry well maintenance. 

​Many landscape companies can perform basic maintenance tasks to keep things running smoothly.  Dry well companies can offer assistance in developing a drywell maintenance schedule.  Professional Civil Engineers can evaluate a drainage system and possibly make recommendations to minimize certain maintenance items.   

If your community has reoccurring problems in storm events, hiring a licensed professional engineer to perform an assessment of the drainage system may be a way to identify changes or upgrades that could be utilized to help minimize maintenance and improve performance in the future.   For additional information about Storm Water Drainage contact Floodplain Management at 602-262-4960.

Other drainage facility resources:

See Chapter 3.9 and 3.9.5 regarding MAINTENANCE and PRIVATE MAINTENANCE in the manual below.

City of Phoenix Storm Water Policies and Standards ​​

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