Story Maps


Phoenix has a variety of historic resources that illustrate the city’s story including unique ethnic heritage properties, the last vestiges of Phoenix’s 19th century buildings, and interpretation for buildings no longer present. We have curated a collection of interactive tools to provide virtual and up-close experiences with our historic resources.


Below are links to publications, such as videos and ArcGIS story maps, that highlight Phoenix’s historic resources. For more information regarding eligible properties within the city, please contact the Historic Preservation Office.



Ethnic Heritage StoryMaps: 

In the mid-2000s, the Historic Preservation Office commissioned inventories of ethnic heritage properties within the City of Phoenix.  The results of those surveys have been published and are also available on our website. We have since built upon the survey information to create a tool that engages with the public in an interactive way as well as including properties that have since become eligible. The story maps will continuously evolve with new additions, so be sure to check back for updates! 

The below video tells the story of the Asian Ethnic Heritage in Phoenix through historic properties, some that are still standing today.

African American Historic Property Survey

​Completed in 2004, the African American Historic Property Survey documented many important places to Phoenix and its African American heritage.  Explore the properties and stories of these places and the people who made a mark on their communities, shaping the city we see today. 

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Asian American Historic Property Survey

The story map allows for a virtual tour of Phoenix's rich Asian American heritage from anywhere.  Inventoried in 2006, view the properties and people that influenced the development and history of the city.​

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