​​​​​​​​​​​Historic Preservation Publications​


  • Midcentury Marvels: Commercial Architecture of Phoenix, 1945 - 1975 (ORDER O​NLINE)​
    Released in January 2011, this colorful, hardcover book is the most comprehensive ever published on the history of midcentury commercial architecture in Phoenix. The 264-page book features a review of high-style Modern and roadside "Googie" architecture across the nation and at home; a visual tour of some of the most significant commercial structures built in Phoenix during the post World War II era; and a look at the architects who shaped modern Phoenix, including Frank Lloyd Wright, Ralph Haver, Al Beadle, Bennie Gonzales, and more. The second printing is now available, featuring new images and information.
  • Mid-Century Marvels: Modern Architecture in Phoenix
    In 2006, the Historic Preservation Office partnered with the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture to photograph a selection of 25 of the most architecturally significant, post-World War II era buildings in Phoenix. This brochure, intended to accompany a photography exhibit, features several of the project's photographs and provides basic facts on the 25 buildings photographed for the project.
  • Palm Maintenan​ce Brochure
    This brochure provides property owners in historic districts with guidance regarding how to properly maintain vintage California fan palms and date palms.
  • Historic Streetscape Study
    The city of Phoenix and the State Historic Preservation Office recently completed a study of historic streetscapes in Phoenix. The purpose of this study was to create a framework for identifying and preserving significant historic streetscapes located within the city of Phoenix. "Streetscape" consists largely of streets, adjacent right-of-way and abutting land uses. This project resulted in two separate publications: The Phoenix Streetscape Conservation Guide​ (pdf) and The Phoenix Streetscape Conservation Report​ (pdf).
  • Other publications available through the Historic Preservation Office:
    • New Deal Architecture in South Mountain Park: A Handbook & Tour Guide
    • A Walking Tour of Historic Downtown Phoenix
    • The Union Station: Phoenix's Portal to the Nation​