In Memoriam

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We honor and remember those who we have lost in the line of duty. Annually the Phoenix Police Department holds a memorial ceremony prior to the National Police Week Events.

To learn more about the fallen, please click on their photo to watch a memorial video. A playlist of all the videos​ is available on the Phoenix Police Department YouTube channel​. ​

Phoenix Police have lost five canines in the line of duty. ​


Officer Haze Burch
End of Watch 2-5-25

Officer David Lee "Star" Johnson
End of Watch​ 5-2-44

Officer Walter H. Stewart
End of Watch​ 2-19-52

Officer Albert R. Bluhm
End of Watch 12-28-70

Officer Dale C. Stone
End of Watch​12-28-70

​Officer Quincy Clay Haywood
End of Watch 11-22-71

​Officer Michael D. Hemschmeyer
End of Watch 11-2-73​

Officer Gilbert R. Chavez
End of Watch​ 6-16-75

Police Guard John F. MacInnis
End of Watch 2-22-76
(no memorial video)

Officer Arthur E. DelGaudio, Jr.
End of Watch 4-22-76

Officer Ignacio G. Conchos
End of Watch​ 7-1-82

Officer John R. Davis
End of Watch 8-6-82

Officer Kenneth E. Campbell
End of Watch 1-29-84

Officer E.C. “Rusty” Hawkins
End of Watch​ 4-24-84

Officer Robert L. Polmanteer
End of Watch 5-4-84

Officer Kevin W. Forsythe
End of Watch​ 9-7-84

Officer John A. Robertson
End of Watch 11-19-84​

Officer Robert T. Fike
End of Watch​ 1-8-86

Officer Kenneth L. Collings
End of Watch​ 5-27-88

Officer Patrick O. Briggs
End of Watch​ 6-20-90

Sergeant Danny L. Tunney
End of Watch​ 7-26-90

Sergeant John W. Domblisky
End of Watch​ 7-26-90

Officer​ Leonard L. Kolodziej
End of Watch 9-4-91

Sergeant D. Marty Kieffer
End of Watch 5-21-97

Officer Marc Todd Atkinson
End of Watch 3-26-99

Officer Goelet A. Beuf
End of Watch​ 11-1-99

Officer B. Wayne Scott
End of Watch 9-10-02

Officer Don R. Schultz
End of Watch​ 5-12-04

Officer Eric J. White
End of Watch 8-28-04

Officer Jason A. Wolfe
End of Watch 8-28-04

Officer David C. Uribe
End of Watch​ 5-10-05

Officer Paul R. Salmon
End of Watch 11-29-05

Officer George V. Cortez, Jr.
End of Watch 7-27-07

Officer Nick J. Erfle
End of Watch 9-18-07

Officer Shane C. Figueroa
End of Watch 10-25-08

Officer Travis P. Murphy
End of Watch 5-26-10

Officer Daryl M. Raetz
End of Watch 5-19-13

Detective John Hobbs
End of Watch 3-03-14

​Officer David Glasser 
End of Watch 5-19-16

Officer Paul Rutherford
End of Watch 3-21-19

Commander Greg Carnicle
End of Wat​​​ch 3-29-20

​​Officer Ginarro New
End of Watch 5-31-21​

​​Officer Mathew He​fter
End of Watch 8-7-21
(no memorial video)

​​Officer Phillip Vavrinec
End of Watch 9-22-21
(no memorial video)




​Historical Markers

The Phoenix Police historical markers are scattered throughout the valley​.