It is the primary job of any police department to enforce the law. This is a deceptively simple definition of what the police do. Hidden within that meaning is a balance of protecting the victim, honoring constitutional rights, and conducting a complex and detailed investigation that employs multiple disciplines to gather and record the evidence of the crime with the ultimate goal of making an arrest. It is part science and part the best practice of detective work.

This is especially true when discussing sex crimes. This horrific invasion of someone's body is devastating to victims and is a high priority for the community. 

Read these three scenarios which illustrate the criteria the Phoenix Police Department uses when deciding which sex crimes evidence kits to run through the testing process and which ones not to.  We think you will see a clear, common sense, policy.

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Precinct Maps Effective 1​0/20/2014

2013/2014 Policing Plan

The Phoenix Police Foundation

"The Phoenix Police Foundation [a 501(C)(3)] was established in 2002 with the intent to gain community support for unmet police department capital needs, and provide financial assistance for department employees and their families in times of crises. Many cities throughout the United States - including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose and Houston - have robust police foundations that fill a significant funding gap between the city's funding and the community's needs."

"During the past 12 years the Foundation has provided emergency assistance for dozens of individuals facing personal tragedies, funding for technology needs for the department, officers' equipment and other various initiatives that help the Phoenix Police Department in its efforts to keep America's sixth-largest city as safe as possible."​




    To Report a Crime

  • In an emergency: Call 911
  • To report a crime: Call 602-262-6151
  • If you have information about a crime: Call Silent Witness 480-WITNESS

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