Black Mountain Precinct



Black Mountain Precinct BuildingThe Black Mountain Police Precinct is staffed by Phoenix Police Department employees which is located at 33355 North Cave Creek Road. The Black Mountain Precinct ​​is responsible for the Northern Command Station located at 302 East Union Hills. Officers are not usually in the station for contact; they are dispatched through the Police Communications operators by calling Crime Stop at (602) 262-6151 or 911. Police Aides are assigned to Black Mountain Precinct to answer telephones and provide general information to walk -in visitors generally from 8:00 A.M. - 9:00 P.M., Monday through Friday (excluding all city holidays). Black Mountain Precinct serves approximately 182 square miles with an approximate population of 224,000 residents.



Station Responsibilities:

  • Provide police patrol response to the residents​​ of Phoenix in the Black Mountain Precinct Boundaries.
  • Proactively patrol neighborhood and commercial areas.
  • Enforce criminal, traffic laws, and investigate criminal matters.
  • Surveillance/enforcement of various areas of criminal activity [Neighborhood Enforcement Team]
  • Assist with community groups concerns and Block Watches [Community Action Officer].
  • Assist with public safety education and training.


Black Mountain Precinct
33355 North Cave Creek Road Phoenix AZ, 85331
​602) 495-5002

Northern Command Station
302 East Union Hills Road

Commander Morin

​Commander Charles Morin​

Administrative Sergeant
Jennifer​​ Stimac

Community Programs

Crime Free Multi Housing Officer 
Detective Scott Gabbert
(602) 495-5276

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  Area Lieutenants

Duty Lieutenants

P21 Vacant
33355 North Cave Creek Road

P22 Chuck Williams #5647   602-495-5032
33355 North Cave Creek Road

P23 Brian Thatcher #8135 602-495-5648
33355 North Cave Creek Road

P24 Brian Issitt #7475  602-495-5123
33355 North Cave Creek Road

P25 Mykel Moller #7717    602-495-5093
302 East Union Hills 

P26 Bryan Coley 602-495-5093​
33355 North Cave Creek Road​

NET Sergeants 

20X Scott Cain #7399

21X Doug Steele #6262

22X Brian Rimsza #7876

23X Marc Delhotal 

Programs Officer
Officer Rebecca Tiger

21 Area
Officer Jennifer Zak #9170
(602) 495-5228

Officer Timothy Mitten #5279

22 Area

Officer Andrew Miller #5279
(602) 495-5238

Officer Thomas Owsley #8047
(602) 495-5192
23 Area

(602) 495-5213

Officer Anthony Cuciti #6707
(602) 495-5481