Area Lieutenants 

Shift One

P51 Lieutenant Steve Roser

P56 Lieutenant Hector Gonzalez

X18 Lieutenant Ben Moore
X19 Lieutenant Mykel Moller


Shift Two

P52 Lieutenant Thomas Rutledge


Shift Three

P53 Lieutenant Karen Hudson


Administrative Sergeant
Sergeant Gerald Flanagan 

Central City Precinct 
Commander Commander Dennis Orender

Commander Burt portrait 


Central City Precinct







Welcome to the Central City Precinct!  I am proud to work with many law enforcement professionals dedicated to delivering top quality police service to the 91,500+ community members who reside within the boundaries of the precinct, which cover more than 18 square miles. The precinct provides a full range of emergency-response and public safety services to prevent crime and enforce the law in a manner that makes residents and visitors feel safe in their homes, schools, businesses, and neighborhoods. Precinct patrol officers respond to calls for service and situations they view while patrolling in their beats. Our Community Action Officers and Neighborhood Enforcement Teams work hard to closely align our police response to the distinct needs of specific areas.  They also serve to support and supplement the work of the patrol officers who perform their duties around the clock with pride, professionalism, and integrity. Please take time to review this website to learn more about information important to you such as crime stats and neighborhood meeting dates and times.  Review the precinct map to locate your neighborhood.  Learn the name and phone number of your Community Action Officer.  For more information, please be sure to read our monthly precinct newsletter, The Pipeline. Combined, these resources create a unified and dedicated response to crime and ensure that we deliver outstanding service to our community IN THE HEART OF THE CITY! 

If you need to contact the precinct:
1902 South 16th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85034

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The Pipeline Newsletter (Current Edition)​ 

Abatement Detective 
Detective Matt Cormier

Community Action Officers

Officer Jan Rollon

Officer Lawrence Rosky