Administrative Sergeant
David Austin

Area Lieutenants
Lt. Bates - Patrol 61  
Lt. Myers - Patrol 62
Lt. Cochran - Patrol 63 
Lt. Zopf - Patrol 64  
Lt. Mangum - Patrol 65
Lt. Clements - Patrol 66  

Duty Lieutenants
P61 Lieutenant Robert Bates #5740

P62 Lieutenant Lief Myers #6756

P63 Lieutenant Eric Cochran #7019

P64 Lieutenatat Eric Zoph # 7382

P65 Lieutenant Jolene Mangum #6919

Resource Lieutenant
P66 Lieutenant Chas Clements #6165

NET Sergeants
61X Sgt. Chris Kieffer #5147 

62X Sgt. Brad Reed # 9618



Desert Horizon Precinct
Commander Aimee Smith


The Desert Horizon Police Precinct is staffed by Phoenix Police Department employees which is located at 16030 North 56th Street. The Desert Horizon Precinct also is responsible for the Sunnyslope Neighborhood Police Station which is located at 750 West Peoria Avenue. Officers are not usually in the station for contact; they are dispatched through the Police Communications operators by calling Crime Stop at (602) 262-6151.  Police Aides are only assigned to the Desert Horizon Precinct and are available to answer the telephone and provide general information to walk-in visitors generally from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (excluding holidays).

If you have an emergency please dial 911.

Desert Horizon Precinct serves approximately 74.92 square miles with an approximate population of 311,770 residents.

Contacting Station Supervisors:

Police supervisors can be contacted by dialing (602) 495-5006.

Station Responsibilities:

  • Provide police patrol response to the residents of Phoenix within the Desert Horizon Precinct Boundaries.
  • Proactively patrol neighborhood and commercial areas. 
  • Enforce criminal, traffic laws, and investigate criminal matters. 
  • Surveillance/enforcement of various areas of criminal activity [Neighborhood Enforcement Team] 
  • Assist with community groups concerns and Block Watches [Community Action Officer].
  • Assist with public safety education and training.


  • Desert Horizon Precinct 
    16030 North 56th Street 
    Phone # (602) 495-5006

    Sunnyslope Neighborhood Police Station
    750 West Peoria Avenue

Desert Horizon Precinct Map Icon
City Map


Block Watch

Looking for some resources to help establish or grow your Block Watch?  The Phoenix Block Watch Advisory Board is a citizen run organization that helps groups citywide.  You can see some of the resources they have available on their web site so take a look

​Community Resources

Precinct N​​ewsletter

The Horizon’s Edge - Desert Horizon Precinct Newsletter
Interested in getting the Desert Horizon Precinct's newsletter and notices about upcoming events?  If you are then please send an email to Mike.Piazza@phoenix.gov and we will add your email address to our distribution list.


For more Neighborhood Res​ources

Community Action Sergeant
60X Sgt. Andrea Alexander #9116


Community Action Officers
61 Area CAO's

Officer Matt Morgan

Officer Mario Lozoya

62 Area CAO's

Officer Debra Wehr

Officer CJ Young


​63 Area CAO's

Officer Butch Titus

Officer Matt Makinster

Abatement/ Liquor Liaison

Detective Dawn Vaughn