South Mountain Precinct

South Mountain Police Precinct

400 West  Southern Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85041



Commander Michael L. Parra
602-495-5004 or 602-534-1003

How big is the precinct?

The South Mountain Precinct has an estimated population of 271.185 and has about 115 square miles.

South Mountain Precinct
400 West Southern Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85041

Ahwatukee Foothills Substation
17010 South  48th Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85048

Neighborhood Resource Center Substation
2405 East Broadway Road
Phoenix, Arizona 85040
​How do I know if I'm in the South Mountain Precinct?
South Mountain Precinct Map Logo
Click on the map to see the new precinct boundaries and squad areas 

Each precinct is divided up into different "Areas". The map above will show of our different areas. These areas all start with 41, 42, or 43. The link below will show you the list of sergeants for each area. 

List of Sergeants

Who are the Lieutenants

Lt. Lisa Messina - Patrol 41
(602) 262-4492

Lt. George Ramirez -Patrol 42
(602) 534-6311

Lt. Gregory Berghorst - Patrol 43
(602) 534-1026


Administrative Sergeant

Matthew Butler - 40A

Lt. Lowell Spalla - Patrol 44
 (602) 534-1603

Lt. Eric Pagone- Patrol 45
(602) 534-1028

Lt. Jayson Johnson - Patrol 46
(602) 534-1880


Community Action Officers:

41 Area

Chris Granado

Lawrence Naranjo

42 Area

Jared Charley

Richard Tamburo

43 Area

Chad Williamsen

Pat McBride

Community Programs Officer:

Holly Dancy

Crime Free Multi-Housing and Liquor Officer

Mike Ballentine

Abatement/MROP Detective

Jared Smart

What is going on in your area?

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