Phoenix Police Rank Structure

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​Police Chief

The Police Chief heads the Police Department and is the ultimate authority and decision maker within the Police Department. 

​Executive Assistant Chief

The Executive Assistant Chief is charged with running the day-to-day operations of the entire Department. 

Assistant Chief

Each Assistant Chief runs a division.  This may include a number of commanders under their chain of command.  There are five Assistant Chiefs, each with their respective Division.


Commanders run either a precinct or bureau.  Commanders supervise between four to six lieutenants within their chain of command.  They are responsible for the overall direction of a precinct or bureau.


This is the second level supervisory rank of the Department.  Lieutenants can supervise between three to five sergeants and their squads.  They act as a commander after hours or in the absence of a commander.


This is the first supervisory rank of the Department.  Sergeants can supervise officers and/or detectives.  Their squad size varies from unit to unit depending on their area or responsibility. 

Officer / Detective

This is the first rank of the rank structure.  Officers are typically referred to as “first responders" and respond to community calls for service.  Detectives are the same rank however, their primary function is to conduct follow-up investigation to crimes.    

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