Laboratory Services

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The Phoenix Police Department Laboratory Services Bureau (Crime Lab) is a nationally accredited forensic laboratory that provides technical assistance and training, evaluates and analyzes evidence, interprets results and provides expert testimony related to the full spectrum of physical evidence recovered from crime scenes.  Some of the scientific procedures utilized by the laboratory have the potential for linking a suspect to a crime, victim, or a scene. 

Laboratory management recognizes that the Laboratory is one element of a multifaceted criminal justice system and that scientific results generated by the Laboratory may be used by any element of that system.  The Phoenix Police Department Crime Laboratory is committed to generating accurate, impartial, and timely scientific examinations and opinions for the criminal justice system in the interest of enhancing public safety. 

The Laboratory Services Bureau consists of over 150 professionals, working in a variety of specialty disciplines. The Crime Lab is housed in a state-of-the-art facility completed in 2007.

Currently approved Laboratory Policies and P​rocedures are available at crimelab.phoe​​


The laboratory is accredited by ANAB meeting the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and supplemental requirements of the testing​ accreditation program.  The Crime Lab’s current certificate and scope of accreditation can be obtained through the ANAB website.  The Crime Lab’s certificate number is FT-0102. 

Mission Statement

To provide the highest quality forensic science services to our community with Integrity, Innovation & Impartiality.