Crime Free Multi-Housing

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​​​​​​Crime Free Multi-Housing LogoWhat is Crime Free Multi-Housing?

The Phoenix Crime Free Multi-Housing Program was designed to help residents, owners, and the managers of rental property keep drugs and other illegal activity off their property.

This program is honest and direct. It is solution oriented. It is designed to be easy, yet very effective in reducing the incident of crime in rental properties.

The program utilizes a unique three-part approach, which ensures the crime prevention goal, while maintaining a very resident friendly approach.
Phase One involves a free eight-hour seminar presented by the police department. Phase Two will certify that the rental property has met minimum-security requirements for the residents' safety. In Phase Three, a resident crime prevention meeting will be conducted for full certification, and the managers will be granted the use of large metal logo signs for the property. The management will also be granted the use of the program logo in all advertisements.​

​Why Crime Free

When criminals and other destructive residents operate out of rental property, neighborhoods suffer and landlords pay a high price.

That price may include:
Decline in property values--particularly when the activity begins affecting the reputation of the neighborhood.

  • Property damage arising from police raids, abuse, retaliation, or neglect.
  • Fire and pollution resulting from drug manufacturing or growing operations.
  • Civil and criminal abatement of nuisance properties, civil penalties, (small claims court), sanctions including temporary closure of the property or even property seizure.
  • Loss of rent during the eviction and repair periods.
  • Fear and frustration when dealing with dangerous and threatening residents.
  • Increased resentment and anger between neighbors and property managers which may lead to civil remedies/abatement.
  • The loss of other valued residents.

Who Benefits? When crime is decreased EVERYONE benefits.

Other Benefits:
A stable satisfied resident base.

  • Increased demand for rental units with a reputation for active management.
  • Lower maintenance and repair costs.
  • Increased property values.
  • Improved personal safety for residents, landlords, and managers.
  • Peace of mind that comes from spending more time on routine management and less on crisis control.
  • More appreciative neighbors.

Getting Started

The Phoenix Police Department offers FREE seminars. Learn more about th​e seminars here. (requires Adobe Acrobat)

How To Understand & Implement Crime Free Multi-Housing Strategies

I. Prevention and Applicant Screening

  • Credit and criminal background checks.
  • The redesign of the property to lower the incident of crime​
  • "New" community rules.
  • Benefits of applicant screening.
  • Tips to strengthen rental agreements.
  • Proactive property management.
  • The importance of signage: How curb appeal repels criminals.
  • Maintaining the physical environment.

II. Criminal Activity

  • The maintaining of a "paper trail."
  • Warning signs of criminal activity.
  • Actions you must take if you discover your resident or resident's guests are conducting illegal activities at your property.
  • Working with the police.
  • Crisis resolution and the eviction process.

​Request Registration Information

Officer Holly Dancy #8146​

The Phoenix Crime Free Multi-Housing Program provides an opportunity for rental property owners and residents to share responsibility with police for creating and maintaining a safe housing environment.