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​​Social Media Terms of Use​

The purpose of city social media sites is to present matters of public interest in the city of Phoenix, Arizona, to its many residents, businesses and visitors.  These sites are monitored, limited public forums and are not intended to be the official sources of information for the City of Phoenix organization.  The sources for official information is the city’s website,

Comments posted to these pages will be monitored, and the City of Phoenix reserves the right to remove inappropriate comments, including, but not limited to those that:

  • Contain obscene language or sexual content
  • Promote commercial services or products
  • Promote illegal activity
  • Contain language threatening or defaming any person, organization or ethnic or religious group
  • Support or oppose political candidates or ballot propositions
  • Contain spam or link to other sites
  • Digress from the topic being discussed
  • Violate the legal ownership interest of another party, or infringe on copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property

City of Phoenix employees and public officers (such as Board or Commission members) are reminded that their contributions to social media sites may be considered government speech rather than private speech, and may be governed by Arizona and federal laws such as Arizona Open Meetings Law or federal elections and campaign laws. The use of a private e-mail address, non-City identifier, or non-City moniker alone will not change a City employee's or public officer's speech from government speech to private speech. Even posting a disclaimer in the contribution, such as stating "these comments reflect my own private opinion and do not, in any way, reflect the opinion of the City of Phoenix," may not be sufficient to transform a City employee's or public officer's speech from government speech to private speech. 

Therefore, to the extent the social media contribution is government speech, all City employees and public officers are responsible for following the same rules, regulations, and policies that apply to any other form of government/City expression.

If city employees wish to contribute comments to social media sites, they must do so on their own time and on their own equipment, and as long as they do not identify themselves as city employees and are not speaking on behalf of the city.

Please be aware that users of this site do not retain any rights over their postings.  Postings are intended for public view and any personal information posted constitutes a waiver of any rights to privacy or confidentiality. Postings are also subject to public records laws, meaning any information you include in your comments, including name and e-mail address, may be released through a formal public records request to the media, a business, or any other person or entity.  Therefore, before you comment on any City of Phoenix social media site, you should understand your posting is neither private nor confidential.

The comments expressed on this site do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of the City of Phoenix, its officers, or its employees.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the operation of any of the City of Phoenix’s social media sites, or specific questions about the city of Phoenix government, please contact the Phoenix Communications Office at

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