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As a Desert City, the City has adapted to the effects of urban heat island by incorporating a potpurri of policies, programs and actions into daily life.  With international recognition for its record temperatures, Phoenix is also the epi-center of research related to heat.   Yet with forecasts of increasing temperatures over the coming decades, and the disproportionate effects of heat on vulnerable populations, Phoenix recognizes a coordinated and cohesive approach is necessary to become a "HeatReady City".  

The menu on left seperates the overall HeatReady framework into six broad ​categories.  Select from the menu to learn more about each category: 


  • Summer Heat Safety to learn about responding to heat emergencies and learn about heat safety.
  • Heat Actions to learn about specific programs implemented to address heat. 
  • Heat Research to learn about new technologies and the latest heat research
  • Heat Policy to learn about innovative policies planned or adopted by the City related to heat
  • Heat related MAPS to show the many HEAT AND EQUITY MAPS used to inform Heat Actions
  • Governance to learn about recent changes to track and report on city-wide efforts related to heat. ​​​