Addendum of Water And Sewer In Light Rail Corridors

​​The Water Services Department has implemented an addendum to its water and sewer design standards. The purpose of the addendum is to provide design standards for water and sewer relocations or new projects that occur in existing and future METRO light rail corridors. This will be a separate document from the Design Standards Manual for Water and Wastewater Systems.

The light rail project has design and construction features that are unique to utility relocation in the vicinity of the light rail tracks. Light rail systems have a zone in which the location of utilities is restricted due to poor future access to the utilities once the light rail system is in place. In addition, specific standards are required to protect metallic pipe from electrolytic corrosion caused by the stray current given off by the light rail.

There could be non-light rail projects that involve water and sewer construction in the light rail corridors. The standards would be used for City, government agency, or private development projects that construct offsite water or sewer infrastructure in current or future light rail corridors. For example a private development project that needs to construct offsite water and sewer mains that cross present or future light rail tracks or run parallel to light rail tracks within 16 feet would need to follow these standards.

If you have any questions or comments on the design standards, please call 602-534-5813.

Light Rail Design Standards Manual