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Water Equity Initiative

Water Equity Maintaining affordable water rates is one of the most important aspects of ensuring access to safe, clean drinking water and to not only maintain existing levels of equity but also to address and reduce remaining inequities.

The Water Equity Initiative outlines the research and recommendations by the Phoenix Citizens' Water/Wastewater Rate Advisory Committee.

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Phoenix Approves Construction Contract for Rehabilitation of Cave Creek Water Reclamation Plant Services2/7/2024 11:18:00 PM Approves Construction Contract for Rehabilitation of Cave Creek Water Reclamation Plant<div class="ExternalClass3C1FA4172838431CA66A701777FEDD21"><html> <div>Media Open House on Thursday, Feb. 8 - See below for details.<br></div> <div> <br> </div> <div>The Phoenix City Council voted unanimously Wednesday to move forward with a pivotal project to revitalize and expand the capabilities of the<strong> </strong><a href="/cityclerksite/City%20Council%20Meeting%20Files/2-7-24%20Formal%20Agenda-FINAL.pdf#page=157" target="_blank"><strong>Cave Creek Water Reclamation Plant</strong></a>, a key water treatment facility in north Phoenix at Cave Creek Road and Deer Valley Drive. This project marks a significant step forward in sustainable water practices and community development and sets the stage for what may be a transformative chapter in Phoenix's approach to innovative water management.<br></div> <div> <br> </div> <div>The Cave Creek facility, shuttered in 2009 due to an economic slowdown, is poised for a comeback that aligns with Phoenix's strategic plan to diversify and secure its water resources. The council's decision to approve the construction contract opens a pathway for the plant to one day employ Advanced Water Purification technologies, offering a promising future where reclaimed water could meet potable standards.</div> <div> <br> </div> <div>"Phoenix takes seriously the need to secure our water future and continues to bring new solutions to the table to do so," Mayor Gallego said. "Reopening the Cave Creek Water Reclamation Plant with new water recycling capabilities will be crucial to shore up Phoenix's water supply, support sustainable development, and maintain a strong quality of life for Phoenix families. Thanks to the City's commitment to water stewardship and the deployment of innovative technologies, we will be able to deliver what is effectively a new water supply before the end of the decade."</div> <div> <br> </div> <div>The plant is expected to be operational by the end of 2026. It will feature a low-profile design, indoor equipment, covered processes, odor control scrubbers, and a color scheme harmonizing with the natural desert environment. The capacity is set at 8 million gallons a day (MGD), expandable to 16 MGD. With advanced treatment technologies like Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Ultraviolet Advanced Oxidation Processes (UV AOP), the plant could one day produce 6.7 million gallons a day of potable water to serve approximately 25,000 households annually.</div> <div> <br> </div> <div>Phoenix Water Services Director Troy Hayes has led the department's efforts to make this important project a reality. He echoed the Mayor's sentiments, highlighting the significance of ensuring long-term water security.</div> <div> <br> </div> <div>"With the Cave Creek Plant, we're setting the foundation for water security that will benefit our residents for generations to come," said Hayes. "The approval of this contract is a pivotal moment for our city. We are laying the groundwork for Advanced Water Purification processes that could create a valuable new water resource."</div> <div> <br> </div> <div> <strong>Media Open House Cave Creek Water Reclamation Plant </strong> </div> <div> <br> </div> <div>The media is invited to the Cave Creek Water Reclamation Plant to view the facility and learn about the rehabilitation project from subject matter experts. </div> <div> <br> </div> <div> <strong>WHO: City of Phoenix water treatment experts</strong> </div> <div> <strong>WHAT: Interviews and tours of the plant</strong> </div> <div> <strong>WHEN: Thursday, Feb. 8 @ 9 to 11 a.m.</strong> </div> <div> <strong>WHERE: Cave Creek Water Reclamation Plant | Entrance is on the north side of the plant | <a href="/waterservicessite/Documents/CaveCreekWTPMap1.pdf" target="_blank">Map</a></strong> </div> <div> <br> </div> <p> <strong>Please RSVP to Michael Gertzman at</strong> <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>​.</strong></a><br></p> <div> <strong>About City of Phoenix Water Services Department</strong> </div> <div> <br> </div> <div>The City of Phoenix Water Services Department is dedicated to providing high-quality, reliable, and sustainable water services to the residents, businesses, and visitors of Phoenix. With a commitment to water conservation, innovation, and long-term planning, the department ensures a secure and resilient water supply for future generations. For more information, visit <a href="/waterservices" target="_blank"><strong></strong></a><strong>.</strong></div> <div> <br> </div> <div> <strong>Media Contacts:</strong> <br> </div> <div> <br> </div> <div>Michael Gertzman</div> <div>Sr. Public Information Officer </div> <div>Water Services</div> <div>602-534-1209</div> <div> <a href="" target="_blank"> <strong></strong> </a> </div> <div> <br> </div> <div>Jimena Garrison<br></div> <div>Public Information Officer</div> <div>Water Services</div> <div>480-390-1933</div> <div> <a href="" target="_blank"> <strong></strong> </a> <br> </div> <p> <br> </p> </html></div>
Phoenix Announces Non-Residential Financial Incentives to Remove Non-Functional Grass Services2/1/2024 10:15:00 PM Image_Non-Residential_Grass_Incentives.pngPhoenix Announces Non-Residential Financial Incentives to Remove Non-Functional Grass <div class="ExternalClassBDF0A6A2B0FB4B57A1D471EE7655F19B"><html> <p>​The Phoenix Water Services Department is launching new financial incentives to help non-residential customers conserve water and save money by removing non-functional grass and converting to desert landscaping. <br></p> <p>Non-residential customers can begin the application process by visiting the <a href="/waterservices/nonresidentialincentives" target="_blank"><strong>Non-Residential Grass Removal Program webpage</strong></a><strong>.</strong><span style="background-color:window;color:windowtext;font-size:10pt;"> </span></p> <p>"Phoenix is committed to leading the way in water conservation. This new incentive program is yet another significant step we’re taking towards realizing our vision of a more resilient city," said Mayor Kate Gallego. "By encouraging non-residential customers to replace non-functional grass with desert landscaping, we will not only be able to conserve vital water resources, but also create an environmentally conscious urban environment for future generations to enjoy."</p> <p> <strong>Key Highlights of the Incentive Program: </strong> <br> </p> <ul style="" class="" dir=""> <li><p>Non-residential customers can receive $2 per square foot of grass removed, up to a project total of $250,000 per site, by converting to low water use, desert-adapted landscapes. <br></p></li> <li><p> A minimum of 1,000 square feet of grass must be removed to qualify for the incentive. </p></li> <li><p> The removed grass area must be replaced with a minimum of 50% live plant coverage at maturity per City of Phoenix Planning & Development (PDD) requirements.<br> </p></li> <li><p> The final irrigation system must be drip-automatic. </p></li> </ul> <p> <strong>Eligibility and Application Process: </strong> <br> </p> <p>The program is open to non-residential customers that are participants of a City of Phoenix Business Water Consultation or an HOA Water Efficiency Check-Up with Phoenix Water Services staff. Applicants will need to submit all documents to the Conservation Inbox (<strong><a href="" target="_blank"></a></strong>). Detailed instructions and requirements are available by visiting the <a href="/waterservices/nonresidentialincentives" target="_blank"><strong>Non-Residential Grass Removal Program webpage</strong></a><strong>. </strong><br></p> <p>To receive the incentive, you must complete the conversion within six months of the date of the issuance of the Notice to Proceed (NTP). Please do not begin the conversion without the approval from the Phoenix Water Services Department. <br></p> <p>(Projects larger than 125,000 square feet will be considered on a case-by-case basis.)<br></p> <p>Eligible costs that meet PDD landscape plan requirements and fall under the grass removal incentive include:<br></p> <ul style="" class="" dir=""> <li><p>Necessary plants and landscape materials.</p></li> <li><p> Labor for installation. </p></li> <li><p> Cost of conversion to drip irrigation systems. </p></li> </ul> <p>"Our Non-Residential Grass Removal Program is a win-win for businesses and the environment, said Cynthia Campbell, Water Resources Management Advisor. "Incentivizing the switch to low water use landscaping helps our non-residential customers reduce their water footprint significantly. This initiative reflects our dedication to preserving Phoenix's precious water resources while supporting our community's sustainable growth."<br></p> <p>Opting for desert landscaping is one of the most important things Phoenix customers can do to save water. By converting to desert plants, customers can save as much as 55 gallons of water per square foot of grass every year. The City is committed to sustainable living and will roll out the next phase of this financial incentive for residential customers as early as January 2025. <br></p> <p> <strong>Financial Disbursement: </strong> <br> </p> <p>Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis while funding lasts. Qualified applicants will receive their incentive in the form of a check, mailed to the address on file for their City Services Bill. Please allow up to 60 days to receive the check. <br></p> <p>For more information, FAQs, or to begin the application process, non-residential customers are encouraged to visit the <a href="/waterservices/nonresidentialincentives" target="_blank"><strong>Non-Residential Grass Removal Program webpage.</strong></a><br></p> <p> <strong>About City of Phoenix Water Services Department</strong> </p> <p>The City of Phoenix Water Services Department is dedicated to providing high-quality, reliable, and sustainable water services to the residents, businesses, and visitors of Phoenix. With a commitment to water conservation, innovation, and long-term planning, the department ensures a secure and resilient water supply for future generations.  For more information, visit <a href="/waterservices" target="_blank"><strong></strong></a></p> <p> <strong>Media Contacts:</strong> </p> <p> <strong>Jimena Garrison</strong> </p> <p>Public Information Officer</p> <p>Water Services</p> <p>480-390-1933</p> <p> <a href="" target="_blank"> <strong></strong> </a> </p> <p> <strong>Michael Gertzman</strong> </p> <p>Sr. Public Information Officer </p> <p>Water Services</p> <p>602-534-1209</p> <p> <a href="" target="_blank"> <strong></strong> </a> <br> </p> <p> <br> </p> </html></div>
Annual Stormwater Awareness Campaign Encourages Residents to Help Keep Our Waterways Clean Year-round from Stormwater Pollution. Services1/16/2024 3:30:00 PM Stormwater Awareness Campaign Encourages Residents to Help Keep Our Waterways Clean Year-round from Stormwater Pollution.<div class="ExternalClassEB3A7BEF38004CD9AFA03F8595FD44F8"><html> <p>​The Water Services Dept. Environmental Services Division invites you to learn about the City of Phoenix Stormwater Management Program during the <strong>Fifth Annual Stormwater Awareness Week on Jan. 22 -28, 2024</strong>. Stormwater Awareness Week is an annual regional effort to teach simple everyday actions to reduce stormwater pollution. <br></p><p><strong><em>What is Stormwater Pollution?</em></strong><br></p><p>In Phoenix, stormwater is rainwater that flows over roads and through gutters and does not soak into the ground. This stormwater enters our storm drain pipes, which carry the water to protected surface waters like the Salt River or Skunk Creek. Unlike water we use to flush our toilets, stormwater does not go to a treatment plant. It flows from the storm drains <strong><em>untreated</em></strong> right into rivers and washes. <br></p><p>As stormwater flows across areas like roads and parking lots and into our storm drains, it can pick up pollutants like oil and pet waste and carry them into our washes and rivers. This creates significant water quality challenges. Because pollutants can enter surface waters through our storm drain system, the city is required to have a Clean Water Act MS4 permit from the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality to operate that system.    <br></p><p><em><strong>W</strong></em><strong><em>hat the City does to prevent Stormwater Pollution?</em></strong><br></p><p>Several Phoenix departments work together to support the MS4 permit through the Stormwater Management Program including Phoenix Water Services, Office of Planning and Development, Office of Environment Programs, and the Street Transportation Dept. </p><p>New for 2024, the program will add storm drain management tools and a database to help manage this complex permit, which uses infrastructure of 760 outfalls where rain flows, 80 of which are located along the Salt River. Additionally, a new stormwater post-construction program required by the permit allows owner-led inspections to minimize staffing costs. </p><p>"Stormwater Awareness Week encourages our community members to take everyday actions to help protect the quality of our water,” said Jennifer Calles, Deputy Water Services Director. “With our separate systems for stormwater and wastewater, it’s important to remember that stormwater doesn’t get treated and flows directly to nearby washes and retention basins, infiltrating the soil, making it imperative that we work daily to keep our water system clean.”<br></p><p><em><strong>How can residents participate in Stormwater Awareness Week?</strong></em><br></p><p>Since the campaign's initial launch in 2019, more Valley municipalities and government agencies have participated in the weeklong event. Be on the lookout for billboards, social media posts, and radio ads promoting Stormwater Awareness Week, encouraging the public to get involved by attending the virtual workshop or taking steps to reduce stormwater pollution. The <strong><a href="" target="_blank">virtual workshop</a></strong> is scheduled for Wednesday, Jan. 24, at noon to discuss the City’s Stormwater Management Program and our activities to reduce stormwater pollution. Attendees are required to <strong><a href="" target="_blank">register</a></strong> in advance to participate. <br></p><p>Additionally, residents are asked to take an<strong> </strong><a href="" target="_blank"><strong>annual survey</strong></a> to measure their knowledge about the subject and determine the educational focus for the year. <br></p><p>Simple actions to reduce stormwater pollution include: </p><ul style="" class="" dir=""><li>Properly disposing of trash, recyclables, and chemicals like detergent, paint, medications, etc. </li><li>Recycling motor oil and maintaining your vehicle to prevent leaks </li><li>Cleaning up after your pet </li><li>Using lawn chemicals sparingly and always following manufacturers’ directions </li><li>Properly disposing of leftover paint and household chemicals at a household hazardous waste event </li><li>And please remember - only rain in the storm drain <span style="background-color:window;color:windowtext;font-size:10pt;">  </span></li></ul><p>To learn more about the City of Phoenix Water Services Department Stormwater Awareness Week and what you can do as an individual or business to prevent stormwater pollution, please visit <strong><a href="/waterservices/envservices/stormwater-program" target="_blank"></a></strong>. <br></p><p><strong>Media Contact:</strong><br></p><p><strong>Jimena Garrison</strong></p><p>Senior Public Information Officer </p><p>Water Services<br></p><p>Cell: 480-390-1933 (call or text) <br></p><p>E-mail: <strong><a href="" target="_blank"></a></strong><br></p><p><strong>Angela Serda</strong></p><p>Public Information Specialist<br></p><p>Water Services<br></p><p>Cell: 623-499-8919 (call or text) </p><p>E-mail: <strong><a href="" target="_blank"></a></strong></p><p><br></p> </html></div>