35th Avenue BUILD Grant Application

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The city of Phoenix is submitting a grant application for the Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage Development (BUILD) funding program administered through the United States Department of Transportation for the 35th Avenue Innovation Corridor project.  

The 35th Avenue Innovation Corridor is a comprehensive infrastructure improvement project that will transform the project area into a safe and efficient route for commuters and a high-volume of students from the 11 schools within the project area.

The project implements a series of improvements that target current pedestrian and vehicular safety concerns on 35th Avenue between Interstate 10 (I-10) and Camelback Road, composing of 3.2 miles and serving four Opportunity Zones. The project takes an innovative approach to address safety concerns by incorporating traffic management strategies in conjunction with safety countermeasures to ultimately create a safe, attractive and efficient corridor for all modes of transportation. 

BUILD Grant Application Appendices

Benefit-Cost Analysis Technical Memo

Benefit-Cost Analysis Workbook

Benefit-Cost Analysis Workbook - Locked

35th Avenue Signal Optimization Synchro Model Outputs

Predictive Safety Analysis

Local Funding Source

Draft Intergovernmental Agreements with State Universities

USDOT Local Funding Approval

Letters of Support