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External Opportunities for Individuals

Grants, awards, fellowships, and paid residencies for artists and creatives

Wherever you may be as an artist or creative, whatever time of the year, 
there's always something you can start working towards to develop your practice and advance your career.

On this page, you'll find grants, awards, fellowships, residencies, and other opportunities that are open to individual artists of all backgrounds and disciplines in Phoenix. Opportunities are organized by their relevance and utility for artists in Phoenix.​

Please note: as these lists are always a work in progress, make sure to check each opportunity's website to verify deadlines, eligibility, potential fees, and other details. If you're looking for more opportunities, you can always view our own grants or find organizational opportunities.​ If there are any opportunities that are out of date or anything else we might have missed, feel free to send us an email​ at arts.culture@phoenix.gov.

Local Opportunities​

The Arizona Commission on the Arts

  • Research and Development Grants are offered once a year in July and provide $3,000 to $5,000 for individual artists in Arizona to advance their artistic practice, expand their creative horizons, and deepen the impact of the work.​

  • Artist Opportunity Grants ​are offered twice a year in November and February and provide $500 to $1,500 for individual artists in Arizona to take advantage of specific, unique opportunities that have the potential to significantly impact their professional growth.

  • Creative Youth Grants ​are offered once a year in March and provide $250 to $750 for individual artists under 20 years old in Arizona to develop new skills or advance their artistic practice outside of the traditional school day.

Tempe Arts and Culture

  • ​​Vibrant City Grants are offered once a year in June and provide up to $2,500 for nonprofit arts and culture organizations, artist collectives, cultural groups, and LLCs with an annual budget under $50,000 to provide inclusiv​e arts and culture programming in Tempe.

  • School Arts Grants​ are offered once a year in September and provide up to $750 ​for teachers in Tempe schools to support arts and culture programming and services in schools.

​Other Local Opportunities

  • ArtLink​ usually offers a variety of calls and small grants for individual artists to present, perform, and showcase work​ across metro Phoenix

  • The Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona occasionally posts calls for public art projects in Tucson and Southern Arizona that are open to any artist in the United States

National Opportunities

All Art Forms and Disciplines

  • ​The Creative Capital Award is offered once a year in March and provides up to $50,000 ​for individual artists creating socially engaged, multidisciplinary projects that address social, economic, and environmental justice​​​​​​

  • The Guggenheim Fellowships​ accept applications from July through September and provide $30,000 to $60,000 ​for mid-career artists across a variety of disciplines​​

  • Vera List Center Fellowships ​are offered once a year in March and provide $15,000 and a two-year fellowship for artists of any discipline engaging in art and politics around specific themes 

  • The Eliza Moore Fellowship for Artistic Excellence ​is offered once a year in May and provides $10,000 and a two-to-eight week residency for early-career visual artists, literary artists, dancers, and musicians developing new work with natural themes

  • The Mozaik Future Art Award provides up to $5,000 for individual artists of all disciplines developing work that explores a high-tech, highly connected future metaverse

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  • The Emily Hall Tremaine Exhibition Award is offered once a year in February and provides $50,000 to $200,000 for curators, curatorial teams, and nonprofit organizations developing a thematic exhibition of fresh and experimental contemporary art

  • apexart accepts proposals in October of every year and provides $10,000 for artists, curators, and other professionals to organize and present an exhibition in New York City​
  • The Craft Research Fund Exhibition Grant ​accepts applications from June to October of each year and provides up to $15,000 for in curators organizing exhibitions and conducting scholarly craft research

  • The Craft Research Fund Curatorial Fellowships accepts applications from November to February and provides a year-long fellowship and $5,000 for curators to produce an exhibition, develop a catalog, and lead a talk around craft



  • Eyebeam accepts application on a rolling basis and provides $500 to $5,000 for artists and journalists to research and produce work exploring data privacy, 2020 elections, artificial intelligence, and other themes around politics and technology

Literary Arts

  • The Ruth Lily and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Fellowships are offered every year in June and provide $25,800 ​for poets between 21 and 31 years of age

  • NEA Creative Writing Fellowships ​are offered once a year in March and provide $25,000 for published writers of poetry or prose to write, research, travel, and advance their careers

  • NEA Translation Projects are offered once a year in January and provide $25,000 ​for published translators to translate works of poetry, prose, or drama into English

  • The National Poetry Series accepts submissions from January through March of each year and provides $10,000 and publication for an unpublished manuscript of poetry by an American writer

  • The Academy of American Poets First Book Award ​accept submissions in July and August of each year and provides $5,000, publication, and an all-expenses-paid, six week residency for an unpublished manuscript of poetry by an American writer

  • The James Laughlin Award ​accepts submissions from January to May of each year and offers $5,000 and an all-expenses-paid, one week residency ​for a second book of poetry forthcoming in the next calendar year

  • The Ploughshares Emerging Writer's Contest accepts submissions from March to May of each year and provides $2,000 for writers who haven't published a book

  • The Paz Prize for Poetry is offered every other year in May and provides $2,000 and publication for an unpublished manuscript of poetry by an American writer in Spanish

  • The Ambroggio Prize accepts submissions from September to February of each year and provides $1,000 and publication for a unpublished manuscript written in Spanish with an English translation

  • The Harold Morton Landon Translation Prize ​accepts submissions from September to February of each year and provides $1,000 for a collection of poetry translated into English and published in the previous calendar year

​Performing Arts

  • MAP Fund Grants are offered once a year in May and provide up to $30,000 for individual artists or ensembles to create new live performance projects that imagine and co-create more equitable and vibrant societies

  • ​The Franklin Furnace Fund accepts applications in February and March of each year and provides $2,000 to $10,000 for early-career performing artists or collaboratives to develop and present new, original work in New York City


  • Getty Images​ ​offers a variety of grants throughout the year that provide $5,000 to $15,000 for photographers to produce stories, showcase their work, and more

Visual and Studio Arts

  • The Bennett Prize accepts applications from April to October of each year and provides $50,000 for a woman artist to create a solo exhibition of figurative realist paintings 

  • The Anonymous Was A Woman Environmental Art Grants ​accept applications from April to June of each and provide up to $20,000 for women-identifying artists leading environmental art projects 

  • The National Academy of Design Abbey Mural Prize ​is offered once a year in April and provides $10,000 to $40,000 for artists, architects, designers, and nonprofit arts and community-based organizations to create or restore murals on public buildings or charitable institutions

  • The Craft Research Fund Artist Fellowships accepts applications from June to October of each year and provide up to $20,000 for individual artists working on research projects around craft

  • The Craft Research Fund Project Grants accept applications from June to October of each year and provide up to $15,000 for academic researchers and independent scholars working on projects that encourage, expand, and support scholarly craft research

  • The Craft Archive Fellowships accept applications in May and June of each year and provide $5,000 for independent scholars working on archival research around underrepresented and non-dominant craft histories in the United States

Specific Communities



Full or Partially Funded Residencies

  • The Library of Congress Innovator in Residence Program is offered once a year in May and provides up to $80,000 per year for a maximum of two years for artists to produce a creative and transformative digital work through the Library of Congress collections in Washington D.C.

  • gener8tor Art ​accepts applications once a year in April and provides $15,000 and 12-week accelerator program in Wisconsin for visual artists exploring social justice, activism, creative placemaking, and community development

  • The NXTHVN Fellowship is offered once a year in February and provides $20,000 to $30,000 and a ten-month residency in New Haven, Connecticut for artists and curators to advance their careers

  • Studio Museum Harlem Artist-in-Residence accepts applications in April and May of each year and provides $25,000 and a year-long residency in New York City for African or Afro-Latinx artists of all disciplines

  • The Latinx Project Artist-in-Residence ​is offered once a year in May and provides up to $15,000 and a four-to-six month residency for artists exploring the past and future of Latinx art

  • The Galveston Arts Residency is offered once a year in March and provides $11,000 and a ten-month residency in Galveston, Texas for artists of all disciplines​

  • Silver Art Projects ​accepts applications in May of each year and provides $1,200 and a ten-month residency in New York City

  • The Millay Arts Core Residency​ accepts applications twice a year in March and October and provides fully-funded 3.5 week residencies in the Hudson Valley of New York for writers, composers, and visual artists ​

  • The Chautauqua School of Art Residency Program is offered every year in March and offers full and partial scholarships for visual artists to participate in their seven-to-nine week residencies in Chautauqua, New York

  • MacDowell​ accepts applications throughout the year and provides . . . ​

  • The Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity​ in Canada offers a variety of residencies in Canada for artists of all disciplines

Additional Resources

Other Newsletters and Listings

  • The Arizona Commission on the Arts regularly posts local, national, and international opportunities for artists, educators, and administrators across all art forms and disciplines

  • Hyperallergic​​ releases a monthly list of grants, open calls, commissions, residencies, workshops, and other opportunities for artists, writers, and art workers

  • Creative Capital ​releases a monthly list of residencies, grant, and award opportunities for artists in all creative disciplines

  • The Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona occasionally shares grants and opportunities from community​​​​​​​​​

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